Monday, July 30, 2012

Blogger-versary and Perspective

This July is 3 years since I started this blog. I started this blog as I was heading out on the journey of my first Sprint Triathlon. My journey into triathlon was a follow on to a year or so of working with a trainer to lose weight. I still remember huddling over a trash can fighting throwing up at my first trainer session. Following a horrible break up I became addicted to working out after running 5ks I was ready to take a plunge into triathlon.  My first triathlon was an off road triathlon (haven't done an off road since).

Yesterday I did my 3rd bike ride before Timberman of the full bike distance. I have rode the course twice with a friend I have known since I was a child. She is doing Timberman as her second 70.3 so it has been nice to have someone to ride course recon with. Both rides went well and shockingly I remembered the course very well.

Yesterday I hopped on my bike to do another 3 and a half hour ride without even taking a deep breath. A year ago each long ride came with anxiety and that nervous am I going to make it through this?! I not only got through the 56 miles again and added a nice 15min run after. I felt good. When I stepped off the bike I had 2 thoughts:
1. my first workout I was huddled over a trash can and now... holy crap! Look at me now!
2. last year D had to pick me up on my last long ride before Timberman. I was bonking bad and so happy to see him! And now I think I've got nutrition dialed in and my fitness level is a lot higher.

I can't believe how much things have changed since my first workouts. And even more so that I have done 3 rides of the full distance of my next half iron. I think all my hard work is paying off! Lets hope the results at Timberman show it.