Friday, September 9, 2016

so? Where have you been???

wow- more than a year!? WHOOPS! I can give a million excuses about life being busy but... here's the truth. Last season was tough. I trained my butt off my life was chaotic and even with double sessions and working my butt off. But something was off. I mean I just had a diagnosis my hormones were all off so maybe that was it. I also think my heart wasn't 100% in it. I just didn't have the joy in the training anymore. Where did it go... not really sure. I still managed to do 3 70.3s in one season and finally have a sub 3 hour bike split. I finished my second marathon at Marine Corps Marathon. When I finished that race I decided it was time for a break- I decided 1 year NO marathon and said it out loud to my whole family after Marine Corps. I had great support from D and my family but I needed a break. And that is what I did!

I took time without a coach. Time without structured training. I spent the offseason feeling uninspired. I did some of my usual training. Did some bike work on the weekends like usual. Did a little running. Little swimming. And still no real goal no real purpose. And one day not really sure how I stumbled upon the youtube channels of the body building community. I was shocked how much they shared of their workouts and their full day of eating. I also started looking into what I should do about my hormones. The whole thing started pointing me to a new way of training  and maybe a new way of fueling. It was time to find what worked for me... I was fairly sure I wanted to continue triathlon but I was open to trying new things. And I did! My next blog will be about what I did this season to train and find what worked for me!