don't tell me I can't SWIM

Are you looking to learn to swim for your first sprint triathlon? Maybe have a better swim time in your next triathlon? Want to make the swim not the part of the race you dread? Want to learn efficient swimming?

As a triathlete myself I see lots of other competitors who are nervous about the swim or just not getting the right way to do things in the pool or open water. I can help! I started swimming competitively at 6 and continued through college. I am the head coach of a high school swim program. I have completed many sprints, olympic and even 3 half Ironman events. I can offer help with swim stroke and pointers for open water.

Lessons can help with relaxing in the water to lead to a better swim. Other skills include over coming open water and swim anxiety, stroke technique, proper body position, and even open water drafting techniques.If you are interested in learning other strokes also- butterfly, back, breast- I can help with these techniques.

Contact me: doubledathlete at