Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Races Thanksgiving Weekend

As most runners do, I turkey trotted. This year on thanksgiving day and the Saturday following. I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to do 2 races in 3 days- especially after having hip surgery 7 or so months ago. Eh the doctor just said take it easy, he didn't say I couldn't race anymore!

Part of me wanted to do a 10k to prove to myself I really am still a runner. I knew I could do 5ks but a 10k is another thing all together. Getting up at 5am on Thanksgiving was not my idea of a day off but- we did it anyway (D was not very happy about it). It was the first cold morning in Mass that week. We have had unseasonably warm weather. Silly me I only wore my compression run skirt and a t shirt. I put that long sleeve race shirt to good use and put it under my t shirt! The start line was jammed luckily we found our friends that we were meeting up with for a quick hello. Before we knew (or heard) the race started. I just wanted to pace myself to be around an hour and feel okay. I didn't want to over do it with my first 10k back- just set a mark on the wall.

Having run this same race last year I knew the course. It is pretty flat and just 2 loops of the 5k I did last year and just happens to be the tri course I did this summer. Always nice when you know what you are getting into. Well the course was nice but it was a windy day- when I turned the corner down by the Merrimack River, the wind cut me down. I had a hard time keeping my pace. But got back around to the back road and cut some time off the pace. Felt pretty good. My legs were really cold from the temps and the wind. But when I turned by the river again my legs just didn't want to move. Each step HURT because they were so cold. But I didn't want to stop. I wanted to prove to myself I could stay about the same pace as I did my first 10k over a year ago- 1:03. And coming into the finish I was a couple minutes slower than last time- 1:05. I wasn't disappointed though. I did a 10k! After the year I have had with my hip I was happy.

Of course, my poor frozen legs took a good 15 minutes to stop shaking before I could even climb in the truck to go home. I don't know if it was muscles from the run or just COLD. Either way I finally warmed up somewhere on the way home. We had to get home we had turkey to deep fry (SO YUMMY!) and family to visit- but that is for the next post. Thursday was pretty crazy with Thanksgiving and the only plan Friday was for D and I to hit the whirlpool at the gym. We thought that would be best for our tired sore legs and to get them ready for Saturday.

Well the whirlpool at the gym is broken- and we sweated a bit in the sauna which seemed to help. Got up on Saturday morning to run again- I know NUTS! It was a high school rivalry run. SO MANY high school track and cross country kids- SOOOOO FAST! The course was awful. It was hilly from about 1/2 mi in through about mile 2.5 not rolling either. Just up! and UP and UP! I started to use the D theory of "the faster you run the faster this is over". When I finally hit the down hills my legs were finally feeling human again and I got a decent turn over. I finished in 30:20 which is my PR for this season. D didn't have a great race and wasn't feeling too hot. But I was happy that on a tough course I pushed through after racing 2 days earlier to come out with a PR. It wasn't enough to win but it was enough for me. Hopefully the next 5k will be even closer to my times of last season! Thanks everyone for the support!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Big Race Week- Happy Thanksgiving

So in edition to an exciting new venture into gluten free thanksgiving (see the last post), I am going to be racing 2 times this week. Tomorrow morning I am doing a turkey trot. I did this race last year but the twist is- this year I am doing a 10k on thanksgiving morning! I haven't done in a 10k in over a year- last one Oct 09. I am a bit nervous. I ran 5 miles last weekend and it went well. I think given that I have done a half marathon and a 10k before I think I will survive. Mind over matter right?! I just want to have fun with this one and be thankful that I can actually do mileage again! I'll let you all know how that goes. I hope to do it in around an hour. Yes I know I'm no speed demon. The nice thing is run for about an hour and I think that thanksgiving meal won't be such a worry.

D and I are off to the races in the morning and then back to deep fry a turkey for thanksgiving. Luckily the race gives us pie for finishing so we will have another nice thing to bring to dinner. My grandmother has made gluten free pecan and pumpkin pies for me and D to enjoy! YAY! Should be a great day for racing and gluten free thanksgiving.

I am also going to run a 5k on Saturday. There aren't too many races left in Mass. The weather is already supposed to be snowy here- luckily it hasn't been yet. And D and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to get a race in for only 10 bucks. It should be an exciting few days. We are both thinking after a 10k and before a 5k a nice slow swim in the pool with some time in the hot tub would be just the trick on Friday. It is very exciting to be back running and racing again. I just need to make sure I give my hip the recovery it needs. The hot tub seems to provide some relief and swimming is always good for the hip- without too much kicking of course.

Well off to the races we go! Everyone have a fantastic Thanksgiving. I hope you all enjoy your families, food, and remember the things you are thankful for- I have so many things! I am thankful that I can run again, thankful for the support and love of D, thankful for a loving family, thankful for a job (in these economic times), thankful to have everything I do, thankful I can train, thankful that I have a healthy life- just to name a few. Thanks to you all for reading! Hope you have the HAPPIEST of thanksgivings!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

So in October I went back to my doctor to get my blood test results, I had told her I was feeling pretty tired and couldn't seem to drop weight. She tested me for the usual suspects and everything came back fine. I sat down with her to review the results since even though everything was fine- I wasn't happy with that answer. We sat down again and talked about my training and my diet. I explained how I had been to a nutritionist so I didn't think that was the problem.

Then we talked exercise. Her question "what do you do for workouts?" My response "I swim, I bike, I run. I do triathlons." Her eyes opened wide she said she could understand my frustration but she had no idea what to tell me. Well gee thanks doc!

I went back and started looking into possible causes. I started with food allergies. I am not 100% sure what it could be but let's start with gluten. So I went gluten-free. No wheat, rye, barley. I have been doing it for a month now. I've lost 10lbs and I have a lot of my energy back. I don't fall asleep the second I sit down. It also seems to have made my mood a lot better- I feel a lot more even keel. Hey whether it is that I am gluten sensitive or its just working for other causes- I don't care. It is better than just dealing with my doctor's "I don't know"

My boyfriend has become gluten free too. Or at least "when we are together". My family seems to have embraced it. My mom immediately started experimenting with gluten free dishes and getting ready for gluten-free options for thanksgiving. Looks like I will be having my first gluten-free thanksgiving this year. I'll let you all know what dishes we come up with- so far it seems like GF corn bread stuffing, GF pies, and I'm not really sure what else is in store.

I read an article last night in this month's Women's Health about being gluten free. It wasn't the most positive spin I have seen. I think it lost sight of the fact that some people choose this diet as a way to be more healthy. Yes there are hazards with any diet- compensating with bad foods- but if used properly with a balanced diet I can't seem to see the bad. Given that I am not someone with celiac I don't have to be extremely cautious. The other positive I have is my diet is very healthy normally so this is just one change that might make a difference.

Other good news: I will also be racing twice this week... more on that with the next post :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Back....RUNNING!

Okay so after a long hiatus. I have decided to start blogging again. Life got a bit nuts after my surgery but has calmed down and I am back to what I love... Training and Running. Yes you read that right folks... I am RUNNING again! The girl who thought she may never walk again after her hip surgery is RUNNING! I have done 3 5ks- times are about consistent with early in the season last year. Which I think means given more training I could be back where I used to be in no time flat. Next races are planned- Thanksgiving Day 10k, and 11/27 5k.

Lets see during my lil blogging break I did a few aquabikes. Let me tell you that is the ideal event for someone with a hip injury. Swim then bike. And being a swimmer they were fun! I came in 1st in my first race and 2nd in my Age Group in the Maine State Triathlon. I think I will sprinkle a couple of these in my tri training next year. I enjoy them and they work on 2 of the 3 events.

Speaking of next season. I think I have come up with some sort of race plan.... if I can stay healthy.
May/June- Sprint Tri
June/July- Oly Tri
Aug- Half IronMan - yes 70.3 folks!

This is the thought as of now. Hopefully I can keep training like I am again and get back to racing like I enjoy! Well- I am going to get back to my training... blogging and life the way I like it... HAPPY!