Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Big Race Week- Happy Thanksgiving

So in edition to an exciting new venture into gluten free thanksgiving (see the last post), I am going to be racing 2 times this week. Tomorrow morning I am doing a turkey trot. I did this race last year but the twist is- this year I am doing a 10k on thanksgiving morning! I haven't done in a 10k in over a year- last one Oct 09. I am a bit nervous. I ran 5 miles last weekend and it went well. I think given that I have done a half marathon and a 10k before I think I will survive. Mind over matter right?! I just want to have fun with this one and be thankful that I can actually do mileage again! I'll let you all know how that goes. I hope to do it in around an hour. Yes I know I'm no speed demon. The nice thing is run for about an hour and I think that thanksgiving meal won't be such a worry.

D and I are off to the races in the morning and then back to deep fry a turkey for thanksgiving. Luckily the race gives us pie for finishing so we will have another nice thing to bring to dinner. My grandmother has made gluten free pecan and pumpkin pies for me and D to enjoy! YAY! Should be a great day for racing and gluten free thanksgiving.

I am also going to run a 5k on Saturday. There aren't too many races left in Mass. The weather is already supposed to be snowy here- luckily it hasn't been yet. And D and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to get a race in for only 10 bucks. It should be an exciting few days. We are both thinking after a 10k and before a 5k a nice slow swim in the pool with some time in the hot tub would be just the trick on Friday. It is very exciting to be back running and racing again. I just need to make sure I give my hip the recovery it needs. The hot tub seems to provide some relief and swimming is always good for the hip- without too much kicking of course.

Well off to the races we go! Everyone have a fantastic Thanksgiving. I hope you all enjoy your families, food, and remember the things you are thankful for- I have so many things! I am thankful that I can run again, thankful for the support and love of D, thankful for a loving family, thankful for a job (in these economic times), thankful to have everything I do, thankful I can train, thankful that I have a healthy life- just to name a few. Thanks to you all for reading! Hope you have the HAPPIEST of thanksgivings!

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