Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 Racing is Done

On Sunday I took a friend up on the offer of using her bib (thanks Catie) and joined some friends for the Jingle Bell 5k. The plan was for J and I to bring up the rear. We had Lauren join us. We had a great time chatting and running. I even commented how nice it was that a 30min 5k which use to be killing myself was now a fun run. I think I even have some new 5k PR pace buddies!

And the week before I even got to go meet a World Champion Ironman! Craig Alexander aka Crowie did a book signing in Boston. I got a book signed listened to a great 2 hour Q and A session. And even bent his ear a little about triathlon after having hip surgery when he signed my book. He is a great down to earth guy and a fantastic ambassador for the sport.

I am really trying to take a fresh look at things lately, really trying to be grateful. I can't believe the great season I had. Just about every race I did was a new PR my times just continued to drop. I am shocked that with the exception of Timberman I placed in every triathlon I did this year- to include Quassy 70.3. I flat out was a top 3 finisher in a swim race- how effin cool is that!

I had fun this season and had a great year! I luckily got to train with friends and race with them. I have even started to challenge in my own mind what my run speed actually is, which is a pretty cool thing. I have far surpassed my goal of 2000 miles for the year- almost 2400 already. I have started taking at least weekly bikram yoga. And even started another weekly class of computrainer classes! I think (hope) this bike work pays off next year! Can't hurt right?

I am grateful for an awesome season of great results, injury free and even some wins! I am so excited about the new challenges I have pushed myself to try. I am excited to see what the 2013 season will hold. I have started coming up with ideas since my 30th Birthday falls in there!!!

How did your season turn out? Are you trying new things this off season? What are your plans for next year? Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winter Training- Bikram Continues

Following Thanksgiving starts the month of not so structured training! I THINK I AM IN LOVE! Okay let's start with I am having a hard time with this whole not structured training but I am trying to get used to it. So there are a few swim bike and run with some new plyo workouts each week. I am doing weekly Computrainer classes on Saturday morning. I am really liking this- WAY better than the trainer!! And seeing the gains in my power! Sundays have become NO SBR (swim bike run). So I have been trying to get creative. I have a few ideas But my fall back is always- BIKRAM!

So I really wanted to go at least once a week this winter. I have been doing pretty good. Even with the start up of swim team. Which luckily coincided nicely with the new Bikram Challange at the studio- do 25 classes in 32 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Well I know that isn't going to be possible with my coaching schedule but I figured it was a good excuse to try to come a little more.

On the first night of my swim team practice I somehow convinced a few of my Luna Run team ladies to join me at Bikram. I had been all amped up all day with practice so may not have been the best idea. Especially since I ended up being the kid who had to leave the room and puke! LOVELY! They all did well. And have mentioned going back!

I have noticed I have gotten to the point where I finish class and don't have the OMG that was awful feeling! I kind of just zone out and do the postures. I am really working the standing series stuff my damn legs just don't want to lock! But doesn't mean I won't try!

The spine strengthening series on the floor I am starting to learn a lot about, but I think it is paying off! My Fixed Firm Pose has finally gotten so my hips are touching the ground between my knees and I am so close to the floor with my head.... I am willing it to get there!! SOON!! It has taken YEARS for my hips to touch so I will take it!

My camel has gotten to the point now that I can do both arms both times through the postures! Maria even took a picture for me. I'm gettin' somewhere. Everyone says I should try and do more days. I wish I could make it work. So for now I will keep doing as much as I can!