Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reach The Beach- 2days. 10.5 well then 9 girls. 200 mi

This is going to be a hard one to sum up in a blog post. I spent a lot of time thinking about it but it still isn't going to do the relay justice! But here goes... My team mates @rtdanielle09 and @kissing_frogs have written their commentary- guess its my turn.

So- I wanted to do a reach the beach but J and I didn't want to be capt and try to pull together a team with the schedule we both had for work in May. The relay went out the window and I went on with training. Then a twitter friend @fiftyforbilly asked me to join her team. Well when I responded they had already found a replacement. Then sometime in late April I got another message from @fiftyforbilly asking me to join- this time I responded promptly and was added to the team.

I know my coach and I had discussed not adding anymore races to my schedule but this opportunity looked way too fun to let it pass! I signed up then told my coach. I wasn't really sure what legs or distances I would be doing but I was on team #dirtylittlefreaks and really looking forward to it.

A couple weeks before the race we needed another girl to join- of course I offered up @kissing_frogs. It worked perfectly that she could get the time off and wanted to run! I was excited that I would actually know at least one person going into this!

The week of the race I was out of town traveling for work like always. I didn't get to eat too much with being on my feet in an airfield so I had a hard time getting my runs for the week in. I got home and started to pack up. @kissing_frogs came over Thursday night- we went to the grocery store and tried to be sure I packed everything. And let me tell you I packed EVERYTHING! hahaha

Got up in the morning made my awesome French Toast- don't believe me ask D and @kissing_frogs?! We met up with @RTdanielle09 Sarah, Kelly,and Katie at Wachusett. We almost got tossed out of orientation- sorry I am not a morning person and the only way to get me through mornings when I am exhausted- LAUGHING!

Kelly had the first leg STRAIGHT up wachusett- better you than me! @kissing_frogs and @RTDanielle09 were next. Then my first leg:

Leg 1 STATS: 5.95mi, Moderate
Time- 1:06
Avg HR- 164
Cals- 1189

My leg ended with a uphill to the finish. It was a tough one. I wanted to be sure I would have enough gas to make it through the whole race so I wasn't going to kill myself in Leg 1. It was a humid and hilly but I got it done- slower than I had hoped but such is life.

After our van finished our legs we went to @RTDanielle09 friend's house since it was right near where we needed to start up again. Nice to wash some funk off- repack the car and just relax a bit.

Our next set of legs was going to take us into the night which meant the fun of running in vests, head lamps, and flashing lights. My second leg actually started at the Middle School I went to growing up. So my parents came down to say hi and brought us some chips and some more water. And I asked D to meet me at the end of my leg at the HS in the next town.

Leg 2 STATS: 5.23mi, moderate
Time: 54:37
Avg HR: 165
Cals: 893

It was tough in the dark to navigate and I had a really hard time feeling comfortable on the wrong side of the road in the middle of the night- pretty scary. Luckily the girls stayed close in the van. I was passed just as I finished by the team who ended up winning the whole thing- ya they avg like 6 min miles over the whole race!

The team was off for a few hours so we drove to get some rest. I slept in the van which was actually pretty comfy and I think I was just exhausted. We planned to get up get coffee and food then run our next set of legs. Well that didn't happen. We got the text at the last minute and got lost going to the transition. We got kelly out there and supported her run then got @kissing_frogs out there. I was up next and I was doing everything I could to get some food in my system. I ate a couple odwalla bars and had some water and had some other snacks we had in the car. But knowing me and knowing what I need to fuel to run I knew I needed more for my long leg being next. But what can you do? You eat what you can and make the best of it.

LEG 3 STATS: 8.34mi, HARD
time: 1:33
AVG HR: 155 (kinda low for a race)
Cals: 1296

Leg 3 is where the wheels fell off. I couldn't find a pace- Id look down one min and I was running 8:30s Id look down the next minute and I was running 14:30s? WHATS GOING ON?! I feel okay I just can't find a comfy pace. I brought 2 sets of Gu Chomps with me to help get me thru and the girls stopped a ton to support me. I threw up 2 times. At one point I had to walk b/c I thought it would come out both ends if I didn't! When I finished I hit the porta potty. Took @kissing_frogs with me b/c I thought I might pass out. She had to pull my compression shorts back up on me I was so swollen.

Before my 3rd leg started we had a team mate get sick. So I knew her long 8mi hard run was going to have to be taken my somebody. Everyone else in the van was already running 4 legs. After they saw how hard my 8mi was for me they decided to split it between them. I got in the van and told em I was not going to let them do that and not have me take part too. So we split it into 4 each taking about 2mi.

LEG 4 STATS:part of a 8mi, hard 1.85mi
Time: 19:38
Cals: 266
AVG HR: 151 (low considering pace- prob b/c I was beat)

All in all I totaled over 20 miles. Our team finished the 200mi in just under 32 hrs- avging a 9:30 pace. Not too shabby. I burned over 3600 cals! I have to say I had so much fun! I would do a relay like this again! I had a great group and wouldn't trade them for anyone! I am actually looking for another relay I can do with these girls :)

*this post took forever to write- i wasn't sure how to even write it but I think this covers the basics. I learned a lot from this race and had a blast*

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Season Opener Recap- Nerves? Fueling?

I was really anxious and nervous getting ready for this race. I knew I could get through it but I wanted to do well. This is the start to a big season and I wanted to get it going on a good note. The fact that I had to wear a wet suit really messed with my head and I didn't like that they changed the start time a week before hand. Packet pickup was on Saturday and my plan was to pick up my packet and do a short ride/run brick at the race site- well thunder and lightning made that a NO GO! After picking up my packet went to the gym- did 25 min on the bike and 5 min on the treadmill. I spent a lot of time stretching. We went home and made dinner- corn pasta and ground turkey in the sauce and lots of veggies. Picked a movie and hung on the couch for a couple hours.

Race Day- I got up at 5:45- tummy growling.D made me some breakfast. I am a big eater before a race- 2 eggs, GF toast, and a bowl of cereal. I had a cup of coffee and lots of water. Finished packing up my race clothes and headed out at 6:45. We got pretty decent parking and got to the transition at around 7:15- got some premo spots!

I laid out my transition area and tried to stay calm with my ipod. Scoping out the field around me I settled into the idea that I wasn't going to be taking home any awards at this race. There were some serious triathletes around! I tried to sit as much as I could to get in the zone but my nerves and my stomach were not getting into the game. I got into my wet suit put on my cap and goggles and got ready for the pre race meeting.

8:30- pre race meeting- They went over how the swim would start and possible pit falls on bumps on the bike course. they talked about how pretty the run was too. That's all I remember.... We were the first wave of women so I moved toward the start.

9:00 Duathlon starts- is that I'm hungry or is that I'm nervous?

9:?? SWIM- we walk into freezing cold water. For the first time I was thankful I was in a wet suit. As I was treading water my arms got cold and I felt my feet get really cold- I got that omg I'm cold headache feeling. I decided my best plan of attack with the swim being a shore line swim was to get to the outside far from the shore. The extra 25/50 yds weren't going to kill me and would give me clean water to work with. The start was messy. There was lots of kicking and bumping. I did finally find some clean water. My stroke felt out of sink. Wet suits make my body float too much and screw with my catch. I had some trouble with sighting. I am not sure if it was the cold or the locations of the bouys but I had a bit of a tough time. My lips were so cold. I could feel my bicep tendon not liking the wet suit across it. I was getting close to the end and I started to feel the OMG I am STARVING! I came out of the water and saw my father. He told me I was in the middle of the pack. That bummed me out- that swim did go as bad as it felt. 9:11- slowest swim I have ever had at this distance

T1- not a bad transition with a wetsuit. Dropped everything grabbed my number water and more chomps. headed out on the bike.

Bike- well lets just say things didn't go so great on the bike. First set of bumps in the road and there were water bottles strewn all across the street and out bump my chomps. Well I am down to one pack. I keep drinking my pure sport and water and try to get chomps in me since I was hungry. The rolling course proved to be pretty challenging at times. It was really hard to tell who was in your age group who was a triathlete and who was a duathlete but I tried to pass folks and had a few women pass me. But at mile 5 I started to feel kinda gross- and there it was I threw up. Just as I look at the half way point sign my body decided we didn't like the way today was going. And from there I knew this was going to be a tough one. I muscled my way through the rest of the ride and came into T2.

T2- knowing the dismount was going to be a mess of folks trying to clip out unprepared I clipped both of my shoes out early- since it was a downhill coast. I yelled to D in t2 that I had puked on the bike and he said he knew something happen. Guess my time wasn't too great. Well no time to think now off for the run. I grabbed my water bottle to sip on for the run and took the blocks I had to hopefully refuel a little.

Run- The run started out up hill. Just what I needed after that bike. I sipped on the water and ate margarita cliff blocks. The salt and sugar were a friend at that point. I had to walk a bit up the hill to drink more water. I knew I needed fluids. And just then my friend passed me and said good job jules! It was a great boost! I just slugged through the run. It wasn't pretty. I had really hoped for the 3 mi I could be around a 9 min mile. I had a PR 5k avg 8:45s so a 9 wouldn't be that big of a stretch. Well every time I pushed myself- I felt like I was going to puke again. I got to the point that it was either this needs to be over and I need to finish or I need to puke again and feel better. Well it happen that I finished. It wasn't the race I had hoped but I crossed the finish line.

I am now on the search to try to figure out what went wrong. What is my new way of fueling? Am I not eating enough? Am I not drinking enough water? Did I just have a bad day? SO many variables but I am going to try my damn'd ist to figure it out- I better or that 70.3 is going to be really hard!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Starting the Season... Tri #1 Sunday!

This week officially kicks off my triathlon racing season. I will be starting with the Hopkinton Season Opener Sprint Triathlon I haven't done a triathlon since 2009, my 2010 season didn't allow me to run with my hip surgery. Tho in 2010 I did 2 aquabikes and did well in both. I am getting anxious about putting all 3 sports together again.

Swim- 1/4 mi- point to point swim- going to be cold. Water temp predicted to be in the low 60s. Even though it is supposed to be cold I don't really see the point in wearing a wet suit. I plan to be in the water about 5 min. I don't think I will get that cold. But the race packet says they are required so I will be wearing one. It is more the stripping out of a wet suit that I am not looking forward to. I will do as I am told since I have to.

Bike-10 mi- bike is described as rolling hills with a couple challenges at 2 and 7. I think with all the biking I have been doing lately this shouldn't be too tough. Though I still feel biking is my weakest of the 3. 10 mi is pretty short given my shortest rides lately have been more than that so hopefully it shouldn't be an issue. I am looking into getting tri shoes but looks like the road shoes will have to work for now.

Run- 5k- looks pretty flat. Contained to inside the state park. I think if my hips will agree with me I can hopefully knock out a fast 5k at the end of this.

The game plan with my coach is to do it all out. Have fun with it and listen to my body. If I feel good go for it. This week is a taper for training to get me ready- 2 weeks ago was about 7hrs of training this week is about 3. I am going to go nuts with taper but I am going to try not to lose it... Trying to stay focused not get anxious and get ready for Sunday! This is the kick off to a big Tri season!