Monday, May 2, 2011

Starting the Season... Tri #1 Sunday!

This week officially kicks off my triathlon racing season. I will be starting with the Hopkinton Season Opener Sprint Triathlon I haven't done a triathlon since 2009, my 2010 season didn't allow me to run with my hip surgery. Tho in 2010 I did 2 aquabikes and did well in both. I am getting anxious about putting all 3 sports together again.

Swim- 1/4 mi- point to point swim- going to be cold. Water temp predicted to be in the low 60s. Even though it is supposed to be cold I don't really see the point in wearing a wet suit. I plan to be in the water about 5 min. I don't think I will get that cold. But the race packet says they are required so I will be wearing one. It is more the stripping out of a wet suit that I am not looking forward to. I will do as I am told since I have to.

Bike-10 mi- bike is described as rolling hills with a couple challenges at 2 and 7. I think with all the biking I have been doing lately this shouldn't be too tough. Though I still feel biking is my weakest of the 3. 10 mi is pretty short given my shortest rides lately have been more than that so hopefully it shouldn't be an issue. I am looking into getting tri shoes but looks like the road shoes will have to work for now.

Run- 5k- looks pretty flat. Contained to inside the state park. I think if my hips will agree with me I can hopefully knock out a fast 5k at the end of this.

The game plan with my coach is to do it all out. Have fun with it and listen to my body. If I feel good go for it. This week is a taper for training to get me ready- 2 weeks ago was about 7hrs of training this week is about 3. I am going to go nuts with taper but I am going to try not to lose it... Trying to stay focused not get anxious and get ready for Sunday! This is the kick off to a big Tri season!

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