Thursday, August 9, 2012

Refining my Race and Training Fueling

A year or so ago I wrote this post training and race nutrition and still as I am about to toe to the line of my 3rd 70.3 I am refining my race and training nutrition. One thing I do know for sure still- I CAN EAT then immediately go train. I still have that IRON stomach! Another steadfast rule- NO WHEY PROTEIN! Whey Protein Isolate is okay- but regular is not.

So in my figuring out what works for me with my triathlons this is what I am going with for Timberman in a couple weeks:
Pre Race- Oatmeal w dried fruit and bagel and sports drink (Clif Electrolyte)
Swim- 10-15 min before my swim start I do a Hammer Gel
Bike- Every 45 min to 1 hour a serving of Clif Shot Blocks- leading to 2 packages of Blocks in my bento box. Every 45 min on a normal day, every 20min on a hot day salt tab (Salt Stick). I consume 2 bottles with 1.5-2 scoops of Heed (Orange is my flavor of choice right now). I have an Aero Bottle that is full to start and at aid stations I plan to get water and top off. Back up fuel I bring in my pockets- 2 gels and 1 pack of Chomps
Run- I have now determined I like having a handheld on the run. I start with Heed in it but keep topping it off with water at aid stations so it gets diluted. I have also become a fan of gels only for the run. They seem to be easier on the stomach so one of those every hour of the run is the plan. Again I plan with some back ups!
Transition- I keep a gel and a package of chomps there and a bottle of water just in case kinda thing.

After I go with Recoverite (strawberry). AND LOOOOOTS of food... when my stomach will let me. I have to wait a while usually. I don't know why this happens to me. But for a day or 2 after I am RAVENOUS!