About Me

I am a full-time engineer. 70.3 FINISHER! Swimmer turned triathlete who is a wanna be cyclist and dreams of being a Kenyan runner.

I blog about my racing, training, traveling, recipes, life and athletic challenges and the great gear I find to support my double-D's for my athletic life.


My Journey

I was a pretty active kid dancing, cheerleading, gymnastics and found a love for swimming. All through high school I swam for both a USS and recreational teams. It lead to a career as a Division 3 collegiate swimmer, due to injury I had to stop swimming. When my athletic career ended laziness got the best of me. About 4 years ago, after a awful breakup, I signed myself up with a personal trainer. I dropped 30+ pounds through training, running and of course swimming. In April 2009 I did my first 5k. When I figured out that I could run I quickly transitioned into triathlons my first triathlon was in September 2009. I came in 2nd in the Athena division and I was hooked!

Following my triathlon I signed up for my first half marathon in Atlanta in November 2009. Somewhere in my training I injured my right hip, tore the labrum tendon and found I had Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI). I had my femural head shaved and the tendon repaired on 10 April 2010. With the help of a great support group and some awesome doctors I was back running in August. While recovering and unable to run I competed in a couple Aquabikes to feed my competitive self.

The 2011 season was my come back to triathlon and racing. I did 2 half marathons, a ten miler, a few 10ks, a few 5ks, 3 sprint triathlons, 1 Olympic triathlon and my biggest accomplishment of all my first Half Ironman triathlon. I have worked VERY hard to get where I am. I had a great year in 2012, including a third place in my division at HalfRev Quassy and shaving over 30 min off my time returning to Timberman 70.3. I also was the female overall winner in a 1 mile swim. Each season I build on the training and lessons of the previous years.

I continue to have struggles with my weight, nutrition and training but I am looking forward to a great 2013 season!

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