Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009- what a year!

Well as 2009 comes to a close and TV radio and news are all filled with recaps I think a recap on my own triumph of 2009 is in order. I started the racing season of 2009 with my first 5k in April. I ran with my Mom and Dad. Dutch ran the race too. It was unseasonalby warm for Worcester, MA. In the 90s in April?! My goal was to finish the race and not walk! Well I did it! From there I was running a 5K a month or so.

Then in July I signed up for Triathlon! FIRST EVER! Who goes from 5K to triathlon?! haha :) It was a great event! I had so much fun. I can't wait to do another. And coming in 2nd in my division and having a ribbon to show for it, doesn't hurt at all either! Too bad I waited until the end of the season to get going on that dream- oh well next season plenty more ahead.

Shortly after my first Triathlon in September I signed up to run a half marathon in November. I had never run more than 5 miles but a half marathon sounded like it was just outside the threshold of what I was capable of, so I signed up. I trained and raced a few more 5ks and a 10k as a part of my training plan. Then flew to Atlanta and raced! I finished. I did a half marathon! And to be honest I would like to do another!

So let's see in 2009 I did 7 5Ks 1 Triathlon 1 10K 1 Half Marathon. Not too bad for someone who has never competed in these types of events. I hope 2010 brings many more triathlons and another half, with a sprinkling of 5ks and 10ks! Have a happy new year! And bring on 2010!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Half Marathon

On Friday November 6th I flew to Atlanta to run my first half marathon. I ran the zooma half marathon. A friend of mine Ali was supposed to run with me but sadly is plagued with injury and couldn't join. Even though she couldn't run she still opened her house to let me stay with her and cart me around! We had a great dinner with the president of an AWESOME organization getting2tri.

Late Friday night another friend arrived at Ali's house, Zu. The 3 of us went to the mini-expo on Saturday and walked around Atlantic Station a bit. Then joined other friends for appetizers and drinks after driving the course. I have to tell you while driving I didn't think the hills of Atlanta would be too tough, nothing compared to Worcester!

We were up early on Sunday, Race Day! I like a big breakfast pre-race. So I had scrambled eggs and toast. I was really nervous the morning of the race. The week of the race I had unexpected work travel and my legs weren't feeling too great. But- as I lined up to start I just reminded myself all I had to do was finish. I had a main goal of finishing but I would like to be in the 2:00- 2:15 time range. Well at about mile 4 it became obvious that the 2 hour plan wasn't going to work and I just went for a finish.

Zu finished the race in 1:45ish. As soon as she finished she walked back out the course and met me at about mile 11.5. It was a welcome face with a LOT of encouragement. She helped me through those last few miles that were tough. I have to say I looked down at my watch when Zu said "just around this corner" and realized it was 2:27. The competitive side of me kicked in and I kicked it to the finish I didn't want to be over 2:30. And I didn't I finished in 2:29! We got awesome finisher medals that are necklaces... I haven't stopped wearing it!

I was overcome with a lot of emotion at the finish. A half marathon isn't something I thought I could accomplish when I started training. It was one of those goals that was just outside of the relm of possible. I had always thought with my swimming background that a triathlon wouldn't be much of a stretch but I was never a distance runner. Before I started training 5 miles was a long run. But let me tell you I survived racing 13.1 and it feels great! I'm already thinking about next season or the next race.

I scheduled a 5k for my next work trip to Dallas. I will run on 21 Nov and plan on doing a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving with my Mom. To be honest- I am really shocked by how much I have accomplished so far this season:
5 5k's
1 10k
Off Road Sprint Triathlon
Half Marathon

Not bad for someone who had never raced any of these before. I have a real sense of accomplishment when I look at how far I have come!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

First 10k with half marathon looming

On Columbus Day I signed up to run my first 10k, Boston Tufts 10k for Women. I had gotten very nervous the night before, as I usually do, I had to be talked down more than once! On Sunday, I picked up my race packet in Boston. Monday morning I took the T into the city with Dutch, my pack mule for the race. As soon as I arrived at Boston Common I felt a lot better about my race, nerves pretty much disappeared. I looked around and saw close to 7,000 other women who were about to do the same thing as me and all fear and anxiety left me! I liked the race slogan "start strong finish stronger."

It was a great energy on the common that morning. Music blasting with a Boston radio station broadcasting live. A real race expo and GEORGOUS weather! I lined up for what was the biggest race I have ever run and the longest. Everyone was seeded by race pace. Which helped get things moving but I don't think everyone knew where they should be.

The race rule said no iPod so I went without it. I am glad I did. I got to take in a lot more of the vibe of the day. As we ran under the bridges of Memorial Drive in Cambridge all the women threw their arms up in the air and screamed. Also- with the loop route we got to see the elite (olympic) runners go by. That was really good. Everyone was cheering everyone else on. Pushing eachother to keep going. I have never been in a race where people say excuse me to pass you.

It was a great race. I finished in 1:03. I wanted to be around 1 hour. Not bad for my first 10k. When I finished I felt like I could keep going. I wasn't compeletly drained. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to go back next year!

To update on the half marathon... registration paid... and plane tickets have been bought! I am REALLY doing this! Training has been going well. Long runs started with 5 then 6 then 7.5. What was going to be around 8 turned into 8.75- now up to almost 9 miles. I can't believe I ran almost 9 miles! My short runs are getting a lot faster. I ran 2 miles lastnight at a 8:50 per mile avg pace. Not bad considering my usual pace is 9:30 to 10. This weekend will be 10 miles.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Next Challenge Accepted!

So I have decided what the next fitness challenge is... HALF MARATHON! I decided 5k's are easy now. I mean I would love to get my PR down but the only way to do that is with miles...and to log miles why not train for something! I think a 10k wouldn't be too much of a challenge and I want to stretch myself beyond what would be an easy training goal. Why not push it right to the limit of what I think is possible?!

A friend of mine, Allison, lives in Atlanta and will be running the ZOOMA half marathon. She suggested a few of us come down to run with her. So I am taking her up on the offer. Granted it is coming up fast 8 November to be exact. So I am building a compressed training plan- as usual! haha ;-)

Long Runs on Sunday
Rest/Stretch on Monday
4-5 mi on Tuesday
2-3 mi on Wedns or cross-train
4-5 mi on Thursday
Rest/Stretch on Friday
Cross-train on Saturday

Each week on Sunday is the longest run I have ever done when I add a mile to the week before. I started at 5 and now am up to 7.5 miles. In the training plan was a 5k race and a 10k race. I will be racing my first 10k next weekend in Boston. It is an all women's event. It looks like a lot of fun. I will let you all know how the training and racing goes!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Triathlete!!! Hale Off-Road Triathlon

I would like to start this post by saying, I would have never been able to even attempt a triathlon a year ago. I was over-weight, out of shape and just not even in that frame of mind. But- what a difference a year has made. I have dropped about 30 lbs and am officially a triathlete! Not only a triathlete but looking forward to the start of next season and racing again!

Now- back to race #1! haha :) I arrived early on race day to pick up my packet and set up my transition area. I actually was the first one there- got a great spot. As race time approached I was more and more nervous- but I have the best friends and family in the world. My whole family was there to support me and my friends Dutch and Robin made shirts for everyone! TEAM JULIA It was great to have such a big cheering section. They are the best a girl could ask for. My trainer (who is also my massage therapist) took the day off from clients to be there for me! I had the BEST cheering section at the tri!

I walked over to the race briefing. A run down of the swim course, swim out and around the 2 kayaks, and avoid swimming into rocks at the end! The bike course we were told was wet and slippery- great I was already nervous about that part. Not too much insight into the run. There were 3 waves- elites/teams and men and women. I had signed up to compete as an Athena 150lbs+ I wore my Under Armour sports bra and TYR tri shorts into the water.

Each wave started 3 minutes apart- a standing water start. I moved myself to the front but off to the left side. I hoped that would keep me from getting kicked/swimmed over. I started out the swim a little harder than I planned- and realized as I was trying to spot the kayaks. Even with slowing down a little I was out of the water in 7:55 for the 1/4mi swim. The 6th woman out of the water! Just where I wanted to be.

T1 consisted of putting on my socks, running shoes, jersey, racebelt, helmet, sunglasses, my bondiband headband , and grabbing my bike.I did that all in 2:27. Not a bad transition time. The bike started out as a trail then hit pavement (straight up hill) then hit hard single track trails! I had mountain biked quite a few times, but when you are on difficult terrain with other people around you, it was a lot harder. I was on and off the bike a lot. I even fell in the woods once. But I played it smart- if I thought I could get hurt doing something I got off the bike and walked/ran. I finished the 5.5mi mountain bike in 44:27. Right around where I wanted to be.

I brought the bike in for T2. All I needed to do was take on some fuel- my choice fuel is Cliff Shot Blocks- and took on some water. Transition2 was only 1:08. Fast turnaround without changing shoes. I was covered in mud and had to wipe some of it off.

I was pretty tired going into the run. I had that lead leg feeling. I had practiced quite a few bricks of bike/run but that feeling slowed me down as I hit the trails. I had to pull my legs through the run. I ran slow- a lot slower than I wanted to be. the 2.5mi trail run took 31:10. The fact that my run was slower than I wanted and the fact that I was exhausted didn't stop me from being so excited when I hit the finish line. Through the whole run I kept thinking just finish and you will be a triathlete. My cheering section errupted as I came to cross the finish. I wanted to cry but I was so excicted! I had done it! In 1 hour and 27 minutes I had finished my first triathlon! What a feeling of accomplishment.

As I stood talking to everyone the awards ceremony started. I was just happy to be a triathlete and be with my family/friends. I didn't think I had done well enough to get any award. Dutch told me to put on my shoes and shirt. We walked over and I couldn't believe it- I got 2nd in my division! 2nd?! Honestly- I didn't believe it until I saw the results online. I then checked how I would have performed in my age group.I would have come in 1st in my age group by 3 minutes! I can't believe it. Not only did I finish my first triathlon I did well. I really can't wait for next season. I plan on starting the season with a sprint or 2 or more and working my way up to an olympic distance. It is so fun why not right?!

Now onto the next challenge!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Been a while- Training and Chicago Triathlon

Lots to update, I have been a bad blogger lately. I have been traveling a lot and I will use that as my excuse ha ha ;-) Weeks 5 and 6 went fairly uneventful. I was on the road for week 6 so hotel gym tread mils and bikes. I did however get to meet up with some of my twitter friends to run a track workout while in Missouri. That was a lot of fun. Although I think I enjoyed the post workout beers more! When I returned from Missouri I unpacked my bags did laundry and repacked.

My friend Dutch, in the photo above with me, had won entry into the Chicago Triathlon from the nice folks at Polar (heart rate monitor company). I offered to hop on a plane and use all my banked hotel points to be his personal support group! So Friday morning we jumped a Southwest flight to Chicago. We had reservations at the triathlons host hotel, Hilton Chicago. It was nice. Friday night, Dutch unpacked his bike and put it back together. His nice brand new tri bike got scratched very badly by TSA- but that's a whole different story! The race expo also opened Friday night.

As someone new to the sport it was a great experience. I got to walk around with other athletes and learn about coaching, buy some tri shorts, and new swimming drag shorts. I learned a lot about different fuel and shake options, my new fav... Mix1 www.mix1life.com it has a great flavor and texture- check it out! Anyway- I loved the expo's vibe and just being around other people that have the same interest as you!

Saturday we scoped out the race area and transition area. And I dragged Dutch for a bit of site seeing. I only had a couple things I wanted to see in Chicago, the cloud being the main one! We walked around Millennium Park and got a great feel for the city. Then Saturday night I did a great 4 mile run around the parks again! Nice and flat and cool by the lake. I like that city a lot!

Sunday morning was race day. I went with Dutch at 4am to set up his transition area. Urgh- did I want to stay in bed soooo bad! But good experience to get out there and get a feel for this whole thing. We set is all up and since his wave didn't go till 9am we went back for a nap. I slept for another hour or so and went down to the swim start with Dutch. He was all lined up and ready to go I told him I would either see him at the swim finish or the transition area.

As I was standing watching the other athletes already in the water, I observed 2 things 1.) I have a serious advantage in the swim portion, most triathletes look like they are drowning in the swim and 2.) Dutch was now doing the Olympic distance event. I knew the sprint swim only went along the lake wall and he was facing the direction of the Olympic distance! I freaked out! Being his swim coach for this triathlon I knew he could do it but the swim might end up taking a lot out of him. ~for those that don't know an Olympic distance is 1.5km swim, 40km bike, and 10k run. DOUBLE the trained for sprint distance~ I knew the bike and run were going to be easy for him unless he pushed too hard on the swim.

When I discovered this GIANT mistake made by the race production company, I raced to be at the fence at the swim finish! I knew I needed to get there and be sure he was okay. 45 min later he got out of the water... I screamed you are doing the international distances! He responded with "I am now!" and we both ran to transition. I yelled over the fence as he got onto his bike and was there when he came in from the bike at 1 hour 18 min. I raced to be at the transition fence again to be sure he was going to be okay for the run. I can't believe it but he did the 10 k in 50 min! He ran 8min miles! He didn't even train for this event and he KILLED IT! 3 hours and 9 minutes was the final result.

I have to say as a first time triat hlete it was a great experience to be there supporting a friend.I got to enjoy the event, well kind of, my nerves were pretty shot at the end! I also, got to learn a lot of new stuff about my new found sport. It was a really cool experience.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Week 4 - Practice Tri

I returned from Aruba on 11 Aug. and jumped back into work and my routine quickly. Friday was supposed to be another brick of bike run but my trainer and I had decided that I would do a practice triathlon at some point before my actual race.It made the most sense to do it right after vacation since it fell about in the middle of my training. So Friday's brick turned into a morning run just to get out there on pavement again, and to keep my dog, Ben at bay. Since he is a retired racer he needs to run. We did a couple miles, at a 9:24 min mile pace. My tri training is increasing my running pace.

So Saturday I got up early to get my practice triathlon out of the way. It was going to be a hot day and I wanted to get it done before noon. I went and picked up my bike and met my mom at the lake in my hometown. Figured I knew the area and my mom did too so it would be easy for me to pick routes that she would know for the bike/run. I set up my transition at the truck. My goal wasn't to rush through this whole practice triathlon. It was to just prove to myself I could do all three together. I also wanted to get a feel for the whole thing, transitions what does and doesn't work and what I need to make sure I do and don't do race day. That being said- I was really nervous. I didn't know if this was going to prove to me that I couldn't do the triathlon I signed up for, I hoped not!

I got in the lake and swam for 5 min. That is about how long it would take me to swim the 450yds I have to do for the triathlon, since I had no way to measure that out. I have to say my nerves calmed down as soon as I was done with the swim. Luckily the part that I am best at is the first part of the race! Mom and I walked to the truck and I got into my bike clothes, ate a couple powerbar gelblasts before hoping on the bike. They actually aren't too bad, kinda candy like. I chugged some water at T1 too.

I had mixed a Puresport shake for my bike and had that for the ride. I went out in the loop I told my mom I was heading out for. It ended up being shorter than the one in my triathlon, 4.7 miles as opposed to the 5.5 miles of the triathlon. I also rode on the road as opposed to a trail ride. I didn't know anywhere around the lake that was trails so eh you do what you can!

I came in for T2 at the truck. I had a powerbar gel and some more water- I now know no gels pre run- didn't sit well. Put on all my run gear and headed out. I wanted to do about 2 miles. My triathlon is 2.3 miles trial run so I figured 2 would give me a feel. My legs felt like lead under me. I pushed up the hill out of the driveway to the lake. Another bad choice on location, the lake has a huge hill at the entrance. My calfs hurt and my quads were burning but I kept moving. It was a slow run. 10 min miles. I figure not too bad though after swimming and biking. Well the route I told my mom was short of 2 miles but I had a fear if I went somewhere else something would happen and she wouldn't be able to find me.

Well- I finished it in about 50 minutes: 5 minutes (approx 500 yds) of swimming, 4.7 mile bike, 1.7 mile run. I survived! It proved to me I would be able to survive the actual triathlon. My mom was a great coach she was all proud of after I finished. I took her home and then went to return my bike. When I arrived at Dutch and Robin's house my shoulders started throbbing! I knew I had been swimming too much. Well it caught up with me. I laid on the floor icing my shoulders for a while.

I need to cut some of the swimming out of my training. Swimming is the piece of this triathlon I really don't have to train too much. And my shoulder won't let me do too much. It is an old injury from my swimming career. I started swimming competitively at age 6 and didn't stop until I was 20- when my shoulder pain and college life got in the way. I swam year round for most of my life and was a freestyle and backstroke sprinter, so my shoulders don't do well with overhead use repeately anymore.

I have realized that my tri training plan has a large emphasis on swimming, since most triathletes are not swimmers first. I need to focus more on my biking and running and bricks of those two together. So from now on that will be my main focus with a few swim workouts thrown in to help balance my training and stretch me out.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Vacation and Training- weeks 3/4

Most of week 3 was spent on vacation on the beautiful island of Aruba. It is so easy to train in a climate like that, with a ocean for open water swims feet from your room, and beach for running! I had no problem motivating myself. I mean what else is there to do on an all-inclusive vacation. This is the beach where I ran and swam, at the Divi All-Inclusive Resort http://www.diviaruba.com/

The training schedule was a bit off with the travel:
Monday- Run (at home)
Tuesday- travel day- ended up having to rest
Wednesday- open water swim/ stationary bike 40 min
Thursday- open water swim
Friday- bike with family
Saturday- 20 min beach run
Sunday- REST
Monday- 20 min beach run
Tuesday- 20 min beach run

I had a great vacation I relaxed a ton! I always do in Aruba. It was our 3rd time there. So no tourist trips. Shopped downtown, sat in the sun, trained, and rented a jeep to tour the island on our own. I caught up on sleep, ate whatever I wanted/drank and had a great time.

I came back and on weds hit the pool with my friend, Dutch, http://www.tri2iron.com/ While I was away he won from Polar Heart Rate Monitors, entrance into the Chicago Triathlon. He needed some swimming coaching/teaching. I spent most of the hour and a half working technique with him but did get in some swimming myself. I love being in the water!

Thursday morning I hit a spin class. I didn't realize my gym had a 6am class. It was a great bike workout. The teacher did music of Woodstock to pay tribute to the 40th anniversary. The icing on a great vacation cake was Thursday after working out with my trainer, he weighed me and I lost a pound in the week I was away. Not too many people lose weight on an all-inclusive vacation. It proved to me I really do need to eat more!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Week 3... Beach Training

Times were published today from the 5k at work during training week 1. Goal was to be 28 something. The official time 29.01. Close to the goal. Not bad! Got to find another 5k to do soon!!

Week 3 training is:
Sunday- 25 min bike
Monday- 1 hour training and 35 min run
Tuesday- 25 min swim and 35 min bike
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday- 50 min bike
Friday- 30 min swim
Saturday- Rest

Started week 3 with a bi-weekly massage. I tell you it is the best thing to add to a training plan. I needed my calf's, shoulders, and hips/gluts worked on. They were tight and giving me pain in my workouts. After an hour of having a sports/therapeutic massage I was feeling much better. I then went to hop on a mountain bike, Robin and I went out to the trail we went on last week. This time in the hope of not getting lost. We didn't get lost and 40 min later emerged after riding 3 miles of up and down hills and over rocks. The 400 cal workout was a great Sunday buster and I am starting to get more comfortable with changing gears.

I then had to get some work done. Apparently my job doesn't care that I am training for a triathlon or going on vacation. I did a little working from home and before I knew it the work week was here.

Luckily my work week is short this week. I am headed out on vacation Tuesday. Worked to get all the projects done pre-vacation. Headed out of work and went for a 35 min run. I ran kind of slow to keep a little in the tank to work with my trainer. So I only got 3.25 miles in the 35 min. It was hot and I was a sore. I headed out for the gym post dinner, and had a great core workout with the trainer. He is a killer! But it was my only workout with him this week.

I am looking forward to a week with my only priorities being relaxing and training. I can't wait to do my swimming, running and biking on or near a beach! Talk about true open water swims.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Week 2 ...Not Always According to Plan

Training Plan for week 2:
Sunday- 45 min bike
Monday- 15 min run
Tuesday- Rest
Wednesday- 30 min bike and yoga
Thursday- 1 hour training and 25 min swim
Friday- 20 min run
Saturday- Rest

Week 2 was a bit tough. I had to go on travel for work so that always plays with the training a bit. I knew my hotel had a gym- since I am a frequently stay at this hotel. But when you are traveling it requires a lot of advance planning with your training.

Sunday I was still home and went on a mountain bike (well more like a trail bike) ride with my friend Robin. Her husband, my other very dear friend, Dutch, decided my bike was not suitable for my triathlon. Apparently a 10-15 year old mountain bike complete with rust is not acceptable?! LOL! Well luckily he is nice enough to let me ride his mountain bike. The whole preparation of the bikes took a few hours. I did eat some breakfast but I didn't realize what time it was when I left for my ride with Robin. We headed out to the local state forest to ride along a fire road. It was a great trail. Not overly easy but a good start to my mountain biking training.

Well about 1/2 way through our ride I realized I was really low on calories. I had eaten oatmeal and a banana for breakfast. I added an apple in there but that is not enough when you are heading out for a 45 min bike ride a few hours after eating. Well needless to say Robin and I got a bit lost. We ended up having to double back on the trail -making our 45 min ride last over an hour. It was rough. I downed my PureSport, recovery drink www.puresport.us. That gave me electrolytes and some protein. I think if I didn't drink that I might have passed out right there at the truck post ride. Well- I had to go home and spent a couple hours recovering from my caloric deficit. I sipped on Gatorade until I was able to actually eat something again. The issue was time got away from me on my eating schedule and I need to be sure I am fueling!

Monday morning I woke up went for my quick short run before heading to work since I headed out on travel that evening. Well as usual the flight was delayed and I didn't arrive in Ohio until sometime around 11pm. I was very glad I had done my run in the morning!

Tuesday was full of meetings in Ohio. I sometimes have a hard time taking recovery days. I know I need the rest but its hard to keep me away from a gym. I just love the feeling of the endorphins post workout, I am a total addict for it! Luckily with the full day of meetings and dinner scheduled for me it as easy to miss out on the workout due to time. This is why I usually do morning workouts when I am on the road. If I don't its really hard to find the time, since most of your day on the road is out of your control.

Wednesday morning I got up early and went down to the gym. Full house. I wasn't able to hop on the one bike, since I had planned to bike I brought my old running shoes to ride. When the bike was occupied I tried the treadmill and quickly realized that the old shoes would most likely give me shin splints so I jumped on the elliptical to avoid injury. After my workout I headed to my meetings and flew home... it was so nice to get back home! Robin and I headed to our last yoga class. The heat this week was insane! I was dripping sweat (audibly-drip-drip-drip) through class. But I did end up doing a headstand on the wall! I love the yoga it helps me relax and recover. It has really helped my flexibility and balance. I will be signing up for another session of classes at www.spiritbearpoweryoga.com.

Thursday back to a double workout! I must be insane because I was excited to do my double workout!I really like the feeling of pushing myself. My trainer worked with me for an hour. We did a TRX trainer workout. This thing is a killer... www.fitnessanywhere.com. After that hour I went to the pool. My original training plan had a bike on Thursday but I moved it to Sunday so that I could ride again with Robin. I think it is better to get in a ride on a trail when I can.

So my swim for 25 min was:
600- free
100 kick
100 pull
100 kick
100 pull
2x50 sprint
100 cool down

1200 yds total

I always feel amazing in the water. I love being in the pool. I have never found a sport that made me as happy as swimming. The only problem is I have shoulder injuries from my years of swimming. Usually when I swim sporadically I don't have issues but on Thursday my shoulders had hurt pre workout so when I tried to go to bed. There was pain in both of them. It is hard to sleep with 2 shoulders in a lot of pain but with a little help I was able to fall asleep!

I knew Friday night I had plans so got my workout out of the way in the morning. My 20 min run turned into about 25 min. Oh well- it was a good run. Friday afternoon I had a hair appointment. Oh did I need it! I am so worried though about what I will do with my hair for the tri. My thoughts are to grow it out so that I don't have to play with it while biking and running post swim (with a cap of course). Well as you can see there is a girl in there somewhere- I am worried about my hair for a triathlon! LOL!

Week 2 was a week that showed me that a week planned out doesn't always go as planned but I got in the training. I am now worried about my next week of training. I am off on vacation... so I must plan ahead to not fall into vacation mode....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Completion of Training Week 1

I am pleased to report... I survived week 1! Wednesday nights yoga was a life saver! It helped stretch out my muscles and left me feeling calm. Though I looked like a drown rat from the sweat from the heat/humidity. I have to say I really enjoy yoga. And I think it does both me and my friend, Robin, that goes with me good!!!

Thursday it was back to the training grind. The weather was less than co-operative I had an hour with the trainer in the gym. I have to say my trainer is a great support system for this whole process. He is helping me with my training plans talking me through my trials and tribulations! After a little chat about the week so far, and surviving my first brick, we did a lot of back, abs, and upper body. I could feel the stress of the 1st week of training wearing on me. After he and I finished it was onto a treadmill. Can I just say this now I HATE TREADMILLS. I will deal with them in the cold winter months in Mass but once I get a taste for running outside it is hard to go back to them.

I pushed as hard as I could do finish the 30 min run on my training plan for Thursday. It was tough post training with the trainer. My gym's AC is broken and fans don't even come close to helping with the amount of sweat that was pouring off me. I pushed through, even though I was counting every minute down on the treadmill. I just kept thinking about how great I would feel after!

Friday morning was the 5K at work. Every year on Organization Day they have a 5K, I signed up this year. In the past I haven't thought I was in good enough shape to let my co-workers see me running by. The weather was awful. Still rainy like the night before. I had a goal of 28 something. My boss, and a few co workers came out to support me. My boss even made a "Go Julia" sign. It was a good push. I have to say the best push is to have my friend, Dutch, who has run every 5K "with me" sprint me into the end. When I say "with me" that means we run the same race. I say "later" when he takes off at the beginning and I don't see him till somewhere around the end where he shows up to push me to sprint hard to the finish. His famous words are "you can puke when you are done". He pushed me and I think I achieved my goal but we will see when the results get mailed out in a couple days!

After my max effort on Friday morning I couldn't bring myself to do the 30 min swim on Friday night. I just didn't have anything left. So I went off with Robin to a party hosted by my friend Susie. It was a Nintendo Girlfriend Guide to Gaming party. It was at a swanky hotel in downtown Boston. We sipped champagne, ate great food, played with the new Nintendo DSi and chit chatted for a few hours. After playing all 4 of the games you got a coin. Once all coins were collected you received your own Nintendo DSi to take home. I am not kidding, I took home a Nintendo DSi with no catch! I don't have to market for them, I don't have to go to another party, I don't have to host another party, just straight up free! Let me tell you I am no gamer but I love it! I am having fun with it!

Saturday was my off day. I spent the day with a friend who was in town for an interview. We drove around Boston looking for neighborhoods for him to live in when he gets the job. I took him to the airport in the afternoon and then spent the rest of the night RELAXING!

I have to say I can't believe I made it through week 1. I am starting to think I might be able to do this. Now onto Week 2....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Training week 1 starts

Training Plan Week 1:
Monday- Trainer 25 min run
Tuesday 25 min swim/30 min bike
Weds- rest (yoga)
Thurs- Trainer 30 min run
Friday- 5k at work then 30 min swim
Saturday- rest

Monday was a real test. I train with my personal trainer on Monday nights for an hour. Luckily he is all on board with my triathlon training so he is working with my training plan. We did an hour with the TRX trainer http://www.fitnessanywhere.com/ and some resistance training. Mostly core and a little arms and legs. He really wants to make sure my core is ready for the trail bike. And I mean lets be honest who doesn't want a flat tummy? So after that hour it was still nice outside and I needed to do my 25 min run.

I decided to go outside the gym and do loops around the plaza my gym is in, there is a nice steep hill. So doing hill loops. Let me tell you at about loop number 5 with 2 min left in my run I didn't want to hit the hill again. But I gave myself the don't be a chicken speech and went for it. Did the loop 5 and a half times in the 25 min.

Tuesday is another tough day. It is the double block day. I did swim 25 min and bike 30 min. The weather decided to not behave so I had to hit the gym. I thought I would start my swim proving to myself I could do the swim distance of the triathlon. So I started with a 400- did it in under 5 min. I think I will be okay :) So here is the rest of the swim workout:

400 free
6x100 Free (kick, kick, pull, sprint by 100)
200 free

total 1200 yds in 25 min

I hopped out of the pool and changed as fast as I could into my biking clothes in the locker room (approx. 5 min) then got onto a spin bike. Luckily (and not so luckily) my gym has limited spin classes so I could use the bike. I threw my ipod on and did one song sitting one song standing. At about 15 min in my legs started burning I didn't think I was going to be able to finish the whole 30 min. But somewhere in the area of 20 min in I just stopped feeling any pain, at that point I decided to do 2 songs standing to finish my set. When my 30 min was up I thought I would try to run a lap on the track at the gym. Everyone says that is a hard transition with the leg to leg work. So I ran a lap, legs felt like they weren't even attached. But hey I survived. I have to say it proved to me that I think I can handle this- I just gotta keep that feeling in my head!

So, onto my review of the Under Armour bra from Sunday. I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to try on the D-support and compression sports bras. I have to say the D-support failed miserably in the locker room. It did not pass the jump up and down test! But the compression one did pass. So I spent the almost 50 bucks- because lets be honest for good support I will pay good money. The problem is, you don't really know until you run in it!

I took it for a spin on Sunday. First off it was tough to get on, being that it is compression it is hard to pull down over everything. I finally did get everything into place and I was ready to really run in it. I have to say it passed the test! I don't like there to be ANY bounce when I run and this bra passed that test. It was comfortable with wide straps and is made of heat gear so it doesn't stay wet with sweat. Let me tell you it is a good day when I can go for a run in only 1 sports bra! So I have to say it totally gets a double thumbs up from me!

Interesting I double checked which bra it was... It was the C-shaper. Maybe that is the key... it is a cup size or 2 smaller than usual! http://www.underarmour.com/shop/us/en/womens/apparel/sports-bras/high-impact/pid1001174-Women-s-Endure-C-Cup-/1001174-001

today is rest day... so I am continuing with my hot room yoga tonight. Should help me stretch out and relax! makes me feel zen

Monday, July 20, 2009


I decided to start a blog to share my training experiances. Everything from the workouts to the gear. I took to running in the early spring, running my first 5K in April. Did a second 5K in June. And last Thursday I decided to take on a new challenge and registered for a triathalon. I was a swimmer in college and running seems to be my new thing, its the biking and the transitions that scare me!

The other thing I want to do with this blog is....I discovered a week or so ago, that I share a common issue of women athletes. Finding a sports bra! I am really sick of wearing 2 or 3 of them to run. I am on the search for some sports bras that will keep up with my activities. So I will add reviews of new and my old faithful sports bras in here too!

Well, anyways back to the training. I signed up for this triathalon on Thursday which meant Friday started a whole new training regiment. I have been working with a trainer for about a year, 2x a week. And 3 to 4 days a week of running. Time to kick it up. This triathalon is a .25 mile swim, 5.5 mile trail bike, 2.3 mile trail run. http://www.munitrack.com/haletri/haletri_main.htm

Friday's workout was swimming... 35 min. From my days of US Swimming and college swimming I can't seem to just get in the water and do long and slow strokes. I made myself do a real workout.

4x100 free
8x50 IM order (30 s rest)
4x50 sprint free
200 free
100 cool-down

1300 yds.

Saturday was rest day

Sunday training... 30 min of running. It was nice to get out on my regular run route. I added a little jump onto a trail in the middle. That killed my legs but gotta get used to it!!

Next post will have a review of the new UnderArmor sports bra I bought....