Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Next Challenge Accepted!

So I have decided what the next fitness challenge is... HALF MARATHON! I decided 5k's are easy now. I mean I would love to get my PR down but the only way to do that is with miles...and to log miles why not train for something! I think a 10k wouldn't be too much of a challenge and I want to stretch myself beyond what would be an easy training goal. Why not push it right to the limit of what I think is possible?!

A friend of mine, Allison, lives in Atlanta and will be running the ZOOMA half marathon. She suggested a few of us come down to run with her. So I am taking her up on the offer. Granted it is coming up fast 8 November to be exact. So I am building a compressed training plan- as usual! haha ;-)

Long Runs on Sunday
Rest/Stretch on Monday
4-5 mi on Tuesday
2-3 mi on Wedns or cross-train
4-5 mi on Thursday
Rest/Stretch on Friday
Cross-train on Saturday

Each week on Sunday is the longest run I have ever done when I add a mile to the week before. I started at 5 and now am up to 7.5 miles. In the training plan was a 5k race and a 10k race. I will be racing my first 10k next weekend in Boston. It is an all women's event. It looks like a lot of fun. I will let you all know how the training and racing goes!

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