Monday, March 23, 2015

Is Winter Over Yet?

I know it is national and in some cases international news that Boston and all of Massachusetts has had a  harsh (no down right SUCKY) winter! I spent 2 weeks around Christmas training, reading, coaching it was great. I continued to coach well into February which eats up a lot of my time out of work Monday to Friday. I actually have no idea how many hours are spent either on a pool deck or prepping for the pool deck from November to February. I can sometimes squeeze in workouts before and after practice or at lunch. But it is hard and I am generally really exhausted during the season with the hectic schedule.

Then add in the fact that almost every weekend in February resulted in a major blizzard. Then there were the week day storms all told we ended up buried. So it was off to the gym day after day after day. I don't lack motivation to go to the gym. I have no problem getting off the couch to head there. The problem is.... staring at the wall or whatever for an hour or more. I can trick myself in to 30-45 min no problem. The whole hour and I want to run out of there screaming.

I have been doing audible and getting through some great "reading". I try pandora, my itunes, and netflix. I just mentally get to a point where I just can't take another day feeling like a hamster on a wheel. Going to class with friends for computrainer on the weekends helps me get through those 2 hour rides. And finally on Sunday I scheduled to do a long run with my friend Lisa. She is the best and lives by the motto "more miles is more smiles" also known as the best person to get you through a long run. Saturday the sun was shining it was 50 and I was psyched to think about my run Sunday. Then I got up Sunday morning to whipping wind and wind chill temperatures back in the teens and 20s. But it was so nice to get out and run in the sun and get some vitamin D. The company and getting to spend time with a friend is always so much better! I am hoping eventually spring will show up here. Though I know it will be a while until the roads are clear enough for riding.  What do you do to get through a long winter in the gym?