Monday, August 3, 2009

Week 3... Beach Training

Times were published today from the 5k at work during training week 1. Goal was to be 28 something. The official time 29.01. Close to the goal. Not bad! Got to find another 5k to do soon!!

Week 3 training is:
Sunday- 25 min bike
Monday- 1 hour training and 35 min run
Tuesday- 25 min swim and 35 min bike
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday- 50 min bike
Friday- 30 min swim
Saturday- Rest

Started week 3 with a bi-weekly massage. I tell you it is the best thing to add to a training plan. I needed my calf's, shoulders, and hips/gluts worked on. They were tight and giving me pain in my workouts. After an hour of having a sports/therapeutic massage I was feeling much better. I then went to hop on a mountain bike, Robin and I went out to the trail we went on last week. This time in the hope of not getting lost. We didn't get lost and 40 min later emerged after riding 3 miles of up and down hills and over rocks. The 400 cal workout was a great Sunday buster and I am starting to get more comfortable with changing gears.

I then had to get some work done. Apparently my job doesn't care that I am training for a triathlon or going on vacation. I did a little working from home and before I knew it the work week was here.

Luckily my work week is short this week. I am headed out on vacation Tuesday. Worked to get all the projects done pre-vacation. Headed out of work and went for a 35 min run. I ran kind of slow to keep a little in the tank to work with my trainer. So I only got 3.25 miles in the 35 min. It was hot and I was a sore. I headed out for the gym post dinner, and had a great core workout with the trainer. He is a killer! But it was my only workout with him this week.

I am looking forward to a week with my only priorities being relaxing and training. I can't wait to do my swimming, running and biking on or near a beach! Talk about true open water swims.

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  1. I am definitely going to incorporate the massage in my training! Good job on your race!!!