Saturday, August 1, 2009

Week 2 ...Not Always According to Plan

Training Plan for week 2:
Sunday- 45 min bike
Monday- 15 min run
Tuesday- Rest
Wednesday- 30 min bike and yoga
Thursday- 1 hour training and 25 min swim
Friday- 20 min run
Saturday- Rest

Week 2 was a bit tough. I had to go on travel for work so that always plays with the training a bit. I knew my hotel had a gym- since I am a frequently stay at this hotel. But when you are traveling it requires a lot of advance planning with your training.

Sunday I was still home and went on a mountain bike (well more like a trail bike) ride with my friend Robin. Her husband, my other very dear friend, Dutch, decided my bike was not suitable for my triathlon. Apparently a 10-15 year old mountain bike complete with rust is not acceptable?! LOL! Well luckily he is nice enough to let me ride his mountain bike. The whole preparation of the bikes took a few hours. I did eat some breakfast but I didn't realize what time it was when I left for my ride with Robin. We headed out to the local state forest to ride along a fire road. It was a great trail. Not overly easy but a good start to my mountain biking training.

Well about 1/2 way through our ride I realized I was really low on calories. I had eaten oatmeal and a banana for breakfast. I added an apple in there but that is not enough when you are heading out for a 45 min bike ride a few hours after eating. Well needless to say Robin and I got a bit lost. We ended up having to double back on the trail -making our 45 min ride last over an hour. It was rough. I downed my PureSport, recovery drink That gave me electrolytes and some protein. I think if I didn't drink that I might have passed out right there at the truck post ride. Well- I had to go home and spent a couple hours recovering from my caloric deficit. I sipped on Gatorade until I was able to actually eat something again. The issue was time got away from me on my eating schedule and I need to be sure I am fueling!

Monday morning I woke up went for my quick short run before heading to work since I headed out on travel that evening. Well as usual the flight was delayed and I didn't arrive in Ohio until sometime around 11pm. I was very glad I had done my run in the morning!

Tuesday was full of meetings in Ohio. I sometimes have a hard time taking recovery days. I know I need the rest but its hard to keep me away from a gym. I just love the feeling of the endorphins post workout, I am a total addict for it! Luckily with the full day of meetings and dinner scheduled for me it as easy to miss out on the workout due to time. This is why I usually do morning workouts when I am on the road. If I don't its really hard to find the time, since most of your day on the road is out of your control.

Wednesday morning I got up early and went down to the gym. Full house. I wasn't able to hop on the one bike, since I had planned to bike I brought my old running shoes to ride. When the bike was occupied I tried the treadmill and quickly realized that the old shoes would most likely give me shin splints so I jumped on the elliptical to avoid injury. After my workout I headed to my meetings and flew home... it was so nice to get back home! Robin and I headed to our last yoga class. The heat this week was insane! I was dripping sweat (audibly-drip-drip-drip) through class. But I did end up doing a headstand on the wall! I love the yoga it helps me relax and recover. It has really helped my flexibility and balance. I will be signing up for another session of classes at

Thursday back to a double workout! I must be insane because I was excited to do my double workout!I really like the feeling of pushing myself. My trainer worked with me for an hour. We did a TRX trainer workout. This thing is a killer... After that hour I went to the pool. My original training plan had a bike on Thursday but I moved it to Sunday so that I could ride again with Robin. I think it is better to get in a ride on a trail when I can.

So my swim for 25 min was:
600- free
100 kick
100 pull
100 kick
100 pull
2x50 sprint
100 cool down

1200 yds total

I always feel amazing in the water. I love being in the pool. I have never found a sport that made me as happy as swimming. The only problem is I have shoulder injuries from my years of swimming. Usually when I swim sporadically I don't have issues but on Thursday my shoulders had hurt pre workout so when I tried to go to bed. There was pain in both of them. It is hard to sleep with 2 shoulders in a lot of pain but with a little help I was able to fall asleep!

I knew Friday night I had plans so got my workout out of the way in the morning. My 20 min run turned into about 25 min. Oh well- it was a good run. Friday afternoon I had a hair appointment. Oh did I need it! I am so worried though about what I will do with my hair for the tri. My thoughts are to grow it out so that I don't have to play with it while biking and running post swim (with a cap of course). Well as you can see there is a girl in there somewhere- I am worried about my hair for a triathlon! LOL!

Week 2 was a week that showed me that a week planned out doesn't always go as planned but I got in the training. I am now worried about my next week of training. I am off on vacation... so I must plan ahead to not fall into vacation mode....

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