Monday, August 17, 2009

Vacation and Training- weeks 3/4

Most of week 3 was spent on vacation on the beautiful island of Aruba. It is so easy to train in a climate like that, with a ocean for open water swims feet from your room, and beach for running! I had no problem motivating myself. I mean what else is there to do on an all-inclusive vacation. This is the beach where I ran and swam, at the Divi All-Inclusive Resort

The training schedule was a bit off with the travel:
Monday- Run (at home)
Tuesday- travel day- ended up having to rest
Wednesday- open water swim/ stationary bike 40 min
Thursday- open water swim
Friday- bike with family
Saturday- 20 min beach run
Sunday- REST
Monday- 20 min beach run
Tuesday- 20 min beach run

I had a great vacation I relaxed a ton! I always do in Aruba. It was our 3rd time there. So no tourist trips. Shopped downtown, sat in the sun, trained, and rented a jeep to tour the island on our own. I caught up on sleep, ate whatever I wanted/drank and had a great time.

I came back and on weds hit the pool with my friend, Dutch, While I was away he won from Polar Heart Rate Monitors, entrance into the Chicago Triathlon. He needed some swimming coaching/teaching. I spent most of the hour and a half working technique with him but did get in some swimming myself. I love being in the water!

Thursday morning I hit a spin class. I didn't realize my gym had a 6am class. It was a great bike workout. The teacher did music of Woodstock to pay tribute to the 40th anniversary. The icing on a great vacation cake was Thursday after working out with my trainer, he weighed me and I lost a pound in the week I was away. Not too many people lose weight on an all-inclusive vacation. It proved to me I really do need to eat more!!

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