Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Training week 1 starts

Training Plan Week 1:
Monday- Trainer 25 min run
Tuesday 25 min swim/30 min bike
Weds- rest (yoga)
Thurs- Trainer 30 min run
Friday- 5k at work then 30 min swim
Saturday- rest

Monday was a real test. I train with my personal trainer on Monday nights for an hour. Luckily he is all on board with my triathlon training so he is working with my training plan. We did an hour with the TRX trainer and some resistance training. Mostly core and a little arms and legs. He really wants to make sure my core is ready for the trail bike. And I mean lets be honest who doesn't want a flat tummy? So after that hour it was still nice outside and I needed to do my 25 min run.

I decided to go outside the gym and do loops around the plaza my gym is in, there is a nice steep hill. So doing hill loops. Let me tell you at about loop number 5 with 2 min left in my run I didn't want to hit the hill again. But I gave myself the don't be a chicken speech and went for it. Did the loop 5 and a half times in the 25 min.

Tuesday is another tough day. It is the double block day. I did swim 25 min and bike 30 min. The weather decided to not behave so I had to hit the gym. I thought I would start my swim proving to myself I could do the swim distance of the triathlon. So I started with a 400- did it in under 5 min. I think I will be okay :) So here is the rest of the swim workout:

400 free
6x100 Free (kick, kick, pull, sprint by 100)
200 free

total 1200 yds in 25 min

I hopped out of the pool and changed as fast as I could into my biking clothes in the locker room (approx. 5 min) then got onto a spin bike. Luckily (and not so luckily) my gym has limited spin classes so I could use the bike. I threw my ipod on and did one song sitting one song standing. At about 15 min in my legs started burning I didn't think I was going to be able to finish the whole 30 min. But somewhere in the area of 20 min in I just stopped feeling any pain, at that point I decided to do 2 songs standing to finish my set. When my 30 min was up I thought I would try to run a lap on the track at the gym. Everyone says that is a hard transition with the leg to leg work. So I ran a lap, legs felt like they weren't even attached. But hey I survived. I have to say it proved to me that I think I can handle this- I just gotta keep that feeling in my head!

So, onto my review of the Under Armour bra from Sunday. I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to try on the D-support and compression sports bras. I have to say the D-support failed miserably in the locker room. It did not pass the jump up and down test! But the compression one did pass. So I spent the almost 50 bucks- because lets be honest for good support I will pay good money. The problem is, you don't really know until you run in it!

I took it for a spin on Sunday. First off it was tough to get on, being that it is compression it is hard to pull down over everything. I finally did get everything into place and I was ready to really run in it. I have to say it passed the test! I don't like there to be ANY bounce when I run and this bra passed that test. It was comfortable with wide straps and is made of heat gear so it doesn't stay wet with sweat. Let me tell you it is a good day when I can go for a run in only 1 sports bra! So I have to say it totally gets a double thumbs up from me!

Interesting I double checked which bra it was... It was the C-shaper. Maybe that is the key... it is a cup size or 2 smaller than usual!

today is rest day... so I am continuing with my hot room yoga tonight. Should help me stretch out and relax! makes me feel zen

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  1. Good luck! I am a runner at heart and just picked up Tri's and I am so hooked :)