Monday, July 20, 2009


I decided to start a blog to share my training experiances. Everything from the workouts to the gear. I took to running in the early spring, running my first 5K in April. Did a second 5K in June. And last Thursday I decided to take on a new challenge and registered for a triathalon. I was a swimmer in college and running seems to be my new thing, its the biking and the transitions that scare me!

The other thing I want to do with this blog is....I discovered a week or so ago, that I share a common issue of women athletes. Finding a sports bra! I am really sick of wearing 2 or 3 of them to run. I am on the search for some sports bras that will keep up with my activities. So I will add reviews of new and my old faithful sports bras in here too!

Well, anyways back to the training. I signed up for this triathalon on Thursday which meant Friday started a whole new training regiment. I have been working with a trainer for about a year, 2x a week. And 3 to 4 days a week of running. Time to kick it up. This triathalon is a .25 mile swim, 5.5 mile trail bike, 2.3 mile trail run.

Friday's workout was swimming... 35 min. From my days of US Swimming and college swimming I can't seem to just get in the water and do long and slow strokes. I made myself do a real workout.

4x100 free
8x50 IM order (30 s rest)
4x50 sprint free
200 free
100 cool-down

1300 yds.

Saturday was rest day

Sunday training... 30 min of running. It was nice to get out on my regular run route. I added a little jump onto a trail in the middle. That killed my legs but gotta get used to it!!

Next post will have a review of the new UnderArmor sports bra I bought....

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  1. I am a die hard Under Armour consumer...literally everything I own for skiing and running is UA...but for sports bras, Gracie's Gear is the best I've found. They are amazing!