Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Back....RUNNING!

Okay so after a long hiatus. I have decided to start blogging again. Life got a bit nuts after my surgery but has calmed down and I am back to what I love... Training and Running. Yes you read that right folks... I am RUNNING again! The girl who thought she may never walk again after her hip surgery is RUNNING! I have done 3 5ks- times are about consistent with early in the season last year. Which I think means given more training I could be back where I used to be in no time flat. Next races are planned- Thanksgiving Day 10k, and 11/27 5k.

Lets see during my lil blogging break I did a few aquabikes. Let me tell you that is the ideal event for someone with a hip injury. Swim then bike. And being a swimmer they were fun! I came in 1st in my first race and 2nd in my Age Group in the Maine State Triathlon. I think I will sprinkle a couple of these in my tri training next year. I enjoy them and they work on 2 of the 3 events.

Speaking of next season. I think I have come up with some sort of race plan.... if I can stay healthy.
May/June- Sprint Tri
June/July- Oly Tri
Aug- Half IronMan - yes 70.3 folks!

This is the thought as of now. Hopefully I can keep training like I am again and get back to racing like I enjoy! Well- I am going to get back to my training... blogging and life the way I like it... HAPPY!

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