Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Post Op Day

Things have been progressing really well. I started this past weekend doing normal life stuff again. Went to dinner, got my nails done, a little grocery shopping... all of which I was driven to by my fiance but hey I got out!! My fiance had Monday off so we did some more lunch out and other things our and about. It is nice to be out but it kills me I can't do it alone. I get to shower just about every day, of course, not alone since I need someone to hold me up, and as a safety net.

I also sat down on the floor on Sunday and did some sort of workout. I sat with my 5lb dumbells, both in one hand did curls and tricep extensions. I did some shoulder lifts, 5lb per arm, and hammer curls. I did the same on Monday, I was a lil sore with from the day before. It was nice to sweat a bit and get my heart rate up.

I tell you it has gotten to the point that I am sick of not being able to do things. 2 crutches make it hard to carry things and move around. I have still been icing regularly but have switched to motrin to help with the pain when it gets a bit much.

This morning was my post op appointment. I am a week and a half out from my surgery (12 days to be exact). I had the hope that I would hobble in and walk out. Well close but not exactly.... I went in had my stitches removed. Then the doctor came in (Dr. Busconi's fellow- he is on vacation). He said I looked good. He cleared me to swim and water run- said swimming is best. Bike with low resistance next week. Yoga next week not pushing it though. Eliptical is cool the week after that (4 weeks out). I am okay to hit the chiropractor and massage (as long as I keep them from hurting me). As for the fracture- it isn't a big deal since it is now healed! YAY- I was so afraid that was going to keep me from running again. The doctor said wait till Friday to start walking. Well- on my way to make my follow up appointment- I saw the resident that helped with my surgery. He said I looked good and that if I wanted I could walk at home without the crutches. I was so happy to hear that!! He said stick with crutches outside the house- so I don't get bumped around. So- okay no driving through Friday. Got it!

I have a follow up appointment in 6 weeks with Dr. Busconi. I walked back into the condo and TOSSED the crutches in the kitchen and started walking. It isn't too bad to walk around. Hurts a bit taking it easy. But hey I am free in the house from those horrible crutches! I plan on hitting the pool tomorrow. Take a day of walking around a bit to let my body get used to it then get back to it :-) I need to set up my PT- 6 weeks 2 per week.

I AM ALL SMILES NOW! I can't wait to get back to life. I plan on taking this week and next easy with the workouts and work. I also get to go back to coaching! YAY!!

I have had the greatest support team though this whole process. I had a great doctor- which I hear is the key to this whole thing! My parents have been so supportive from being there the day of surgery through phone calls and stop by to say hi. I have a great room mate that has helped with everything. And the best friend in the world! They check on me daily bring me presents and give me support through the ups and downs of post surgery! Send me the greatest messages and talk me through ever tear and every smile. THANK YOU ALL!!! <3 you all!

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