Thursday, April 15, 2010

I deem today a good day!

Today is the first day I have actually started feeling better. Saturday was hard not much movement. Sunday was a bit better. Monday I spent most of the day on the couch with a lot of pain meds. Tuesday got a bit better but I got upset and did a bit more than I should have, I mean really why did work need me! I had only been out 2 days! Yesterday was really hard! I didn't sleep well. I had a lot of pain! I couldn't even really get myself out of bed all day, pain was really bad off and on. I felt like someone was shoving a finger in my stitches! Not only was he gone all day and was I in pain but I was alone pretty much all day! At about 630 I decided to cook. I did ok. That lead to a breakdown! I cried so hard I got a headache! It wasn't good. But he came home I got a you are gonna be fine suck it up talk. And a shower! I slept pretty well untill about 3, when I forgot I had surgery. That was some pain! I took a med and slept.

Got up today feeling pretty good. Mom left work early to get groceries for me and come hang a bit! I cooked myself some lunch and in walked mom! We sat and chatted watched tv. Then decided since today was going to be the last nice day for a bit- to try and go outside. Thanks to an elevator in my building and my crutches I got fresh air and sun on my skin. I stood out front for a bit! Then walked around the building and came back upstairs! It was so nice! Felt normal for a bit. A lil gimpy but normal. I hope to shower again tonight and shave! God I want to shave! I defintely deem today a good day! Best day yet! Hopefully it just keeps gettin better!

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