Friday, June 17, 2011

Happily Training- Endurance Athlete?

I just wanted to let you know lately I have had a few revelations related to my training. The biggest one was last weekend- after slugging through 2 hours and 10 min on the bike on Saturday and a 2 hour run on Sunday. On Sunday after my 2 hours out on the road I walked up the stairs to my condo and I realized I was unphased by the 2 workouts. I mean don't get me wrong I was tired but I wasn't beaten and feeling like a wet noodle. Made me realize I've come a long way... The fact that these kind of miles and hours of training don't kick my @$$ really makes me realize I have taken huge strides at becoming a ENDURANCE ATHLETE!

After running a half marathon on 5 June and setting a PR by about 10 Min. (more to come on this in another post) I had a hard training week. I logged 87miles! I was on the road all week for work and somehow pulled off the most miles I have done yet!

This week started a new week of training- with a new coach. I did a running speed workout on Tuesday. Wednesday had a nice long swim and a speed bike workout. And yesterday was a long run- mid week! The fact that a 45 min speed workout on the bike wasn't a big deal and the run on Thursday night tho HOT and HUMID was 7 mi. really solidified my thoughts from last weekend... I am becoming an ENDURANCE ATHLETE!

**All of you out there: please remind me of this when I am hating my training and I am FREAKING out pre 70.3- btw- 65 days but who's counting!**

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