Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mission Slimpossible and My Journey

In December a friend of mine who I don't see often, she lives in VT, brought up on facebook the idea of a Biggest Loser competition. I knew she had been trying to lose weight and quit smoking and was looking for a group of folks to take on a challenge with her. Well she went and organized a group, about 40 people joined. I have been wanting a new challenge, I thought it was a great way to support my friend, and keep me on track for the off season so why not right?! Since my weight loss had been plateaued for SO long I figured this would be another futile attempt.12 weeks Mission Slimpossible here we go!

I hopped on the scale the first weigh in- 175lb. Okay better than last winter, 182lb in Nov was the last time I had officially recorded my weight, and made note. Okay decent jumping off point. My goal is 165lb. I'd love to get to 160 but 165 is good. I used this as a time to start looking at what I was eating. Time to cut out the sugar again! Time to count calories. I joined myfitnesspal and logged my calories. I logged my workouts. This time of year I have a really hard time staying motivated with my workouts, its cold, racing season seems so far away, its dark, I'm busy coaching. I noticed the first week I was super motivated to get my workouts in. I knew I couldn't give up on this. The group really helped.

I weighed in at the end of week 1- 173lb. Okay 2lbs- Healthy. Good work. I kept up the training kept up the log on myfitnesspal. And yesterday I did my weigh in for week 2- 170lb! I was so excited! I've lost 5lb in 2 weeks!

This is what I looked like when I started all this- file saved as URGH
The biggest thing I am excited about is- I started my weight loss/workout lifestyle about 5 years ago and this is the lowest I can remember the scale being! This all started when I had a horrible break up and my father suggested I get a personal trainer. I somewhere had lost the athlete I was all growing up and thru part of college. At this point I was super unhealthy and  I started out at around 210lb. My first appointment with my trainer lead to me PUKING! Well personal trainer lead to results- I got down to around 175. I liked it. And it got me in shape enough to start racing. Well I really liked racing. Now I have done more running races than I can count, logged thousands of training miles, completed many triathlons, swam in races again, and finished 3 Half Ironman Distance Triathlons. Through all of this my weight hovered around 180, with occasional dips and peaks. I don't ever remember dips getting me to 170 but I do remember some peaks getting close to 190! I really owe this group of 40 people, only 2 of them I know, a huge thank you! They seem to have knocked me off my plateau!

I am going to keep up the calorie counting. Keep an eye on what I am eating. Keep up my training! I think this will all lead to great results. I may not reach my 165lb goal but even dropping a few lbs will lead to a better season!

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