Sunday, October 19, 2014

I'm running a marathon?

Oh my god- that title just makes me take a huge gulp and get butterflies in my stomach. I have been training since tri season ended and actually some in the last weeks of the tri season to get ready to run Marine Corps Marathon. Last year we decided to defer and it was for the best but this year is on! I have put in the training miles. I have made sure to hit every long run- I know those are the most important. I have had some days where I haven't gotten out for my runs during the week and I know that isn't ideal but life happens. To be honest my job right now isn't what I want it to be and it is stealing my training time and energy which really is the most disappointing part- but that is a whole different part of the story. But I do know that I have twice run 16, 18, and 20 miles in my training. I can tell you I got to the end of those 20 mile runs and couldn't even think about running another hour.

I honestly think the main reason I signed up for a marathon 2 years ago was just to prove to myself I could do it. I have had many friends, family members, and others run marathons. It is just a block in my brain I want to check off. I want to prove that I am strong enough for 26.2. I honestly never thought running a marathon was easy. When people say to me you have done 70.3 miles, raced for like 6 hours come on... but a marathon is ONE activity for that time of 4 or whatever hours. The same muscles taking a beating. No change in mental focus just run... gulp.. just run. I have the drive to do something just to prove to me I can do it. That will be what I am tapping into when it gets tough. This is what I wanted to do when I first took on the 70.3 distance and that has turned into 6 more times of trying to better my time and my race.

At this point I have had more than one time in the training where I have decided I hate running. Not just a little but don't wanna run anymore. I have had long runs where I came in the house crying half way through. Everyone tells me training for a marathon isn't easy. I have to say I will take my training 3 sports anyway per this run, run and more RUN! I have been very careful to be sure that training for my first marathon doesn't result in the same issue my first half marathon did- Hip Surgery. I have been working hard to be sure and stretch, even do a little yoga every morning. I have found the new found pain but relief from ice baths. They have become a savior- though they are painful at the time. I've been foam rolling a lot. I tried to stick to yoga once a week but when the long runs got so long I couldn't stand the yoga standing series.

It is coming up fast- I am at the point of hating running again. I am ready to get this challenge done. I hope the goal time we have set will happen. Getting ready mentally for the fun of a marathon. I want to soak it all in. My friend suggested that as how to enjoy it- look around enjoy the spectators and I mean it is DC enjoy the sights. Wish me luck- here we go on a new adventure!