Monday, April 6, 2015

Mentally Finding Training Again

Last post I was saying how winter seems to be never ending in Massachusetts, well we seem to be getting close to the end. MAYBE! Then again they keep saying we might get snow again in April. URGH! After some life things taking over for a bit and the weather not really helping me want to train I think I just might be finding my training mojo again. I do winter computrainer classes and I had to take 3 weeks off to spend my weekends coaching. I came back and felt like I was staring from zero. To be honest with my long coaching days I didn't get much training in. But after a few weeks of huffing and puffing my way through class I had one class that felt better.

I finally was able to up my watts for the whole class and maintain the cadence. I walked out of there feeling invincible. Like I finally had training mojo back. I was able to get through the next week of training feeling good. I even got in a fun hilly run with Lisa for about 10 miles. Coach wanted to give me the next week as my recovery week but I suggested we keep going. I felt like I finally got into a mental space I needed to be and needed to push again.

I am hoping this is the start of spring and getting back on the mental and training train! Getting close to my 3 months till my first 70.3 of the season. I am comfortable with 2-3k in the pool, 2 hrs on the bike and 10 mile runs. Not a bad spot to be in 3 months before race season even kicks off. I am excited to see what this level of pre season work brings me for the season!