Sunday, January 23, 2011

Top Sports Bras for Long Runs

So I started thinking. I wanted to write a review of some of my favorite sports bras, for my double D's. Lemme tell you when running with such a "load" on the front of you and the load across your shoulders, its painful. The right bra choice can make or break a workout. I have certain sports bras that are okay for riding stationary bike at the gym, yoga, then the tie down mechanisms I use for my running. Long runs are even more of a deliberate choice.

I like the underarmor bra I reviewed. But to be honest I am not happy with the life of the bra. It seems to be deteriorating quickly and I have bought a couple since and the sizing doesn't seem to be consistent.

I have a champion bra that seems to work pretty well- but I end up with chaffing when I finish my runs. Either at the shoulders or even worse along the rib cage. I thought maybe I bought the wrong size but- I think its just the bra.

My new favorite is Moving Comfort. Their high impact fiona bra seems to be best. I don't end up with chaffing. The straps sit on your shoulders where a normal bra sits. It has a heavy 3 clasp closure- allowing for a little deterioration over time. I like how it holds them in place- read: NO bounce!! I get them at Dick's sporting goods but- I have seen them at my local running store too. They seem to be the best sports bra for running with a big chest. The only negative is the price- $44- but good quality comes at a price.


  1. I think this is the bra I have! Is it the Fiona? If so, I have had the same one for over a year, & I run/cycle A LOT. It still is exactly as it was when I first bought it. This is a great quality bra!

  2. Moving comfort is AMAZING. I have the juno and it totally rocks my world. I have a lot of friends who wear two sports bras, but this one totally eliminates that need. I am forever grateful!

  3. Have you tried the Enell bra? I like it for the fact that it doesn't allow any movement at all but gives you a uniboob. I have tried the moving comfort and didn't really like it. Do you buy the size you normally wear or smaller/larger?