Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Functional Medicine Test and Eat Clean

As you all know my doctor was no help when it came to my questions of why I can't lose weight when I work out and eat right. So I went gluten free and that has been really helping me feel better but the weight still isn't coming off. One of my twitter friends suggested a Functional Medicine Test. I was sent a sample kit- urine and saliva. The results revealed my blood chemistry is a mess- pH electrolytes just about all of it. So essentially yes my systems work well so my doctor was right but this proved the blood flowing through those systems was less than ideal.

The prescription to help me- supplements and eat clean. I bought the newest edition of the book and started following the principles as much as I possibly could. As much as I travel it is a bit difficult at times to follow the diet to the letter but I saw the eat clean diet as a lifestyle more than a diet. Making sure I have proteins and carbs. Drink lots of water. Eat unprocessed foods. And the hardest thing for me- especially while traveling NO SUGAR. I have pulled it off thus far. Candy is no longer in my diet! It has been replaced by fruit.

I have been doing the supplements and the eat clean diet for about 2 weeks now and I can honestly say I feel the difference. My energy levels have really increased. I was the queen of coffee and I have now cut it out completely or only have one cup. I haven't weighed myself to see how this change is effecting the scale. But I can tell you this my pants are lose again. I'll keep you posed as I continue with this nutrition journey. Hopefully I have cracked this nut once and for all!

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