Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hyannis Half Marathon- Race Recap

Sometime in mid December over twitter I was peer pressured into signing up for the Hyannis half marathon. Lets be honest given the fact that a half ironman was in my plans for this season I didn't take too much to convince me. I registered and started training. Notice I said I registered- well about two weeks before the race I checked active and my registration didn't exist. I emailed the race director to no avail. I decided since I had trained to run w j and Ashley i was gonna run number or not!! Luckily race morning I ran into a old friend who had a extra bib. Yay I was gonna have a number it wasn't my name but I had a legit number!

The weather was far from perfect. Rain to snow to rain. I was drenched and cold but i kept slogging through. J and I had planned on a 10 10:30 pace but the weather made that go by the wayside. When we realized we weren't going to keep that pace up J made it her goal for me to PR the race! I knew my first half was somewhere around a 2:30. She turned to me around mile 10 and said "PR this Bitch!" At mile 12 I had to stop for a second. I thought I was gonna puke. J told me to puke and keep running.

It was great to have a little monkey sitting on my shoulder to help push me through. We finished at 2:25! TOTALLY got my PR. Silly J told me if I got a PR she would run the Worcester half marathon with me. So we have our next race together!

This race meant so much more to me to PR. I was very nervous going into it that I was going to hurt myself again. My first half marathon is what caused the stress fracture and made for the pain that brought me to eventually having my hip surgery. I know that my hip was obviously an issue for a long time and the running is what caused the tendon tear, stress fracture and need for surgery- but mentally I needed to get over the hurdle. I can't believe that 10 months out from surgery I ran a half marathon. Pretty crazy when 4 months of that I couldn't even run!

I am so thankful to J for pushing me through and for the support of D- he was right there screaming at the finish. Thankfully I have great support for my races and it makes all the difference in the world!

I had great race photos- I can't believe my head is up and I am smiling the whole time?! woah!!

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  1. aw i loved being your little monkey. i was so glad to be able to share in that race with you. you were a total rock star and i am so proud of you!

    here's to wooosta! when are we running some more hills?!