Wednesday, March 2, 2011

iPod Security Blanket

I was always an iPod runner when I started a few years ago. I needed the iPod to get through every run. I had a zillion different play lists changing them almost monthly or maybe even weekly to get me through. But at some point in training for my half marathon I just stopped using music to get me through. Maybe it was because I was training with friends but at some point I didn't need the security blanket anymore.

So when it came time to hit the start line for the Hyannis Half Marathon I had this idea- hey why run with my iPod? I was going to be running with friends and the biggest weighing factor- for my trithlons iPods are out of the question. Might as well get used to running without it.

I have to say the half wasn't bad without it. And it makes me think I can race my tri's this season without it. I have to say I get geared up for my runs now and I look at the iPod and wonder if today I really want or need it. I mean don't get me wrong I am far from a technology free runner- I've got my Garmin and my heart rate monitor. But now I think about whether my brain could use the quiet time on the run to just enjoy the run. I know it isn't for everyone and I know some of my runs I welcome the distraction but I have to say it is nice to know I don't need the security blanket anymore!

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  1. I go back and forth from using my iPod and to leaving it at home. I have the Nike+ for my Nano and love the fact that I can get my pace and distance, so I often carry it with me for that reason. If I get sick of music I take out the head phones.

    I am also a HUGE Moving Comfort fan.

    And - I just followed you on Twitter.