Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reflection on my ONE year hip-versary

So April 9, 2010- a day that will live in infamy- well in my life anyway. It was the day I went under the knife to fix my hip. I had a torn labrum tendon and needed to have the top of my femur shaved (FAI old post) I thought I was never going to walk again much less run.

Surgery was a very scary thing for me- thanks to my friends and my family I got through. It was tough 4 months without running. But in November I got back to it.... RUNNING!

Since then I have finished a few 5ks, a few 10ks and a half marathon. I honestly couldn't believe it had been a year. My core isn't back exactly where it was pre surgery- with months of no ab work but I am getting there. And I have to say that even tho my run this weekend my legs felt heavy and tight. I just enjoyed the fact that I can still run!

I know a lot of people decide not to go with surgery but for me it was the only option. I wanted to keep running and I wanted to keep doing triathlons! I just didn't see any other option. I have to say a year later and I am so glad I did what I thought was right.

On saturday- my hip surgery anniversary- I recorded myself running and sent it to my coach. It was kinda sweet it worked out that way. I have some work to do with my left leg but funny thing is my surgically repaired hip and leg strike very well. I am going to try these new techniques in hopes it will help me avoid having to have the left one fixed- since heel striking is bad for your hips. I think my right hip had problems to start and if I was a heel striker I wasn't helping them along.

Well- I spent a lot of time this past weekend thinking about where I was a year ago. I looked at my old pictures of my scars and looked at how little they have gotten in a year. Its amazing how different things are now! And I like it!

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