Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DVD Challenge Week 2- 30 Day Shred

Let's start off with a bit of honesty. I was a bit lame in doing my DVD this week- was away over the weekend which turned into way longer with the snow-apocalypse, had to tend to my bridesmaid duties, and had a race to prep for and run. So I wasn't as good about my DVD this week as I had been but that is the truth and it isn't like I did nothing so anyway.... Truth be told to start off!

I stuck with Level 2. I actually like the exercises in Level 2 and need to work on my plyo moves. I am still super psyched I can do the skaters but still working on the other jump moves- squat thrusts I am OKAY at but the plank jacks need work! I am not too sick of Jillian's voice for this level yet.... but getting there.

I don't think the photos look super different. Maybe a bit of slimming in the mid section?! or I am just being optimistic this morning.

And the Stats:
This week's workouts- Sat- ended up day off by accident with the wedding, Sun- Run 3mi, DVD#7, Mon- Cycling 15mi, DVD#8, Tues- Ran- 2.62mi (hill repeats), DVD #9, Weds- Ran 3.4mi, Thurs- 1450yds, DVD#10, Friday- day off to prep for race- wanted to save my legs and body, Sat- 5k (no gas for a DVD after), Sun- Sick, Mon- swim 1600yds, DVD #11

Weight Tuesday Morning- 181.4lb (down ~2 lb)

Nutrition- Example: Breakfast- Cereal w skim milk- 267cals
Lunch- chicken sausage, tomatoes, spaghetti and an apple- 532cals
Dinner- salad with blue cheese and steak w a hard cider- 672cals (ate out after social run- still survived the calorie count)
Snacks- bar- 105 cals
Total: 1576 cals <- better but still need to get this up!

Thoughts- I have decided that Jillian just says every over used motivation in the 20 min. I think I may need to start doing it with my own music again!!

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