Monday, April 30, 2012

Team Luna Chix- Runner with the Cyclists?

Earlier this year I was asked to join Team Luna Chix on their Boston Run team. Team Luna Chix is made up of Pros and Local Teams. Local Teams are Run, Bike and even Tri. I had been running with this great group of women for a year or so and they asked me to be a member of the team. I was psyched to be a part of the team and super pumped at the thought of going to Summit. Summit is a weekend in the Spring in the Bay area in CA spent training and learning about Luna- are you kidding where do I sign up?!

The weekend was planned at a hotel just outside San Francisco. I flew out with and we met up with the other Boston Luna Run ladies, Ashley and J. Friday night had a great dinner at Clif Headquarters. Saturday was your sport clinic. We did a tempo run. I was actually surprised how much I knew of what the coach was telling us. I guess my coach has trained me well and I have learned A TON! We ran along the Bay in the pouring rain. It was a ton of fun though. Everyone was super supportive even the Pro's that were with us.

Bike Maintenance Class
Bike Maintenance goodies and Recipe Card
Saturday afternoon I decided to do the Bike Maintenance class. Now I will be perfectly honest- I rely too much on D to take care of my bikes and I really shouldn't. So time to grab this one by the horns and LEARN. The instructor wrote up an awesome Recipe Card  of step by step instructions on how to do Bike Maintenance.  Her theory was if a recipe doesn't come out perfect you make changes next time so why not write the instructions like a recipe. The steps include: How to clean the chain, clean the gears, the wheels and the whole bike were on there. Also how to grease the chain These step by step instructions with a little demo and I feel like I can totally take care of my bike next time it needs a little TLC. This is the awesome stuff I got to take home. I actually now have a box in my house with all my bike maintenance stuff in it. I am proud of myself for taking the time to learn a little more about taking care of my prized possessions.

Me at one of the rally points- in my new jersey from England
Sunday was my day to do something that scared me a bit. I was going to ride with the cycling team members and the Pros on their 2.5hr EPIC ride. Honestly I have never rode with a group- not racing obviously. My nerves were even higher since I hadn't really been on a bike outside this season yet.  But when the leader assured me the ride was set up to be an easy 11mph pace with plenty of stopping I wasn't as nervous. Oh who am I kidding I was still scared. We rode through town then made our first stop before hitting the major climb of the route.  The Pro that was with us Allison Dunlap offered great pointers on climbing. Make sure your fingers are lose enough even when climbing so you could almost play the piano. Try it- it totally makes your whole arm up to your shoulders not as tight. Also- change your position often on a long climb. Sitting in the saddle and spinning or getting up to climb- move around a bit. Well I made it up the first set of climbs and to my own shock I wasn't the dead LAST woman. Which is where I figured I would be for the whole ride.

Some of the ladies at the pretty view point
After a great set of climbs we gathered ourselves again for our decent. Allison gave us some more pointers. Most of us took it easy since we didn't know the roads and played it safe with the braking. I asked why all the cyclists didn't pedal on the decent. She told me that with the speed you would have to pedal most cyclists don't- which lead me to believe the reason my coach told me to pedal on decents is for after getting off the bike- because I still have to run in triathlons! We had beautiful views on our ride some of em are here in the picture. I honestly learned a lot about riding with a group and the fact that I am completely capable of keeping up and handling my bike enough to be with the group. This ride was a HUGE confidence boost. Just what I needed getting into a tri season. I was even told by quite a few people how awesome it was that I did the EPIC ride having not been on a bike at all this season.  I really enjoyed the ride and most of all what I took away from it will be with me for a looooooong time. I am already repeating my climbing and decent pointers to myself when riding at home.

The ride was pretty much the end of the weekend. After some closing words we headed off to Wine Country to take a couple days vacation. Summit was a great time. I look forward to using what I learned all year and most definitely look forward to attending again next year.

I got my leg good on the rental bike- YOUCH!

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