Thursday, May 3, 2012

Not so CWX ULTRA Bra- Review of Sports Bra for Long Runs

In October I decided to try out another sports bra that I have heard is great for the well endowed running crowd. I was willing to swallow the almost 70 dollar price tag if this thing was as good as everyone said it was. The CWX Ultra I was told was going to be my new favorite bra. I love my CWX compression shorts so I was totally willing to give them a shot.

I know I am not the average athlete being a large chested- actually I think I am a small anomaly in the running/tri world. That being said I want my chest STRAPPED down! Like don't budge not even move in the least kind of strap down. I quickly will degrade a bra from running bra status to ride/lift/yoga status as soon as there is the slightest movement detected in a run.

This is the CWX Ultra Bra. It offers fully adjustable hook/clasp closures in the back (4 clasps) and on the shoulder (2 clasps). I did like the fact when I first looked at it there were 2 separate cups. For once strapping em down might actually mean having something other than the "uni-boob" It does have a very nice mesh as opposed to being the one lycra all over.

When I first put the bra on I was getting a bit irritated by the shoulder clasps and the material that was used to cover them.  It seems that the material has softened a bit over time but now the bra doesn't hold em down like it used to. I think the separate cup thing might be the problem- they just aren't as strapped down. And now I have tried wearing the bra more frequently to see if I was just so bias about my other bras to not give this one a chance. But- now I am nursing a nice couple cuts on my left shoulder where the clasps sit.

This bra may work out perfectly for some people. I am really starting to realize they are a to each their own thing. This one cuts me and I don't think it holds em down as much as I would like. I am gonna stick to my Moving Comfort- Fiona. It works and it is cheaper than this CWX.