Thursday, May 31, 2012

3 Things Thursday

I always see everyone do this 3 Things Thursday. I was thinking of a group of 3 things I could do one on...

My triathlon survival pills

1- Immodium- OMG this stuff is the best. If you aren't taking it before big races and big training days you don't know how much better you could feel. I don't know where I originally read it but somewhere I saw someone did this as a pre race ritual like a just in case just to be sure. I started doing it last season. It has made races and when I forget to take it races have been tough! It also is great a few days before and a few days after with anxious tummy and runners tummy after.

2- Pamprin- I swear by this stuff for post hard workout. The little bit of caffiene with the pain relievers makes my muscles feel much better than just regular advil. It is a huuuuuge help. Thanks D for this tip- apparently this is a cycling trick of the trade.

3- SALT TABS!- They are my magic pills. I have had swelling issues forever! Everyone was telling me it was too much salt. BOY were they wrong! It is not enough! I can start cramping and pop a pill and in a few minutes I am feeling better. I don't have to wait to finish a whole drink or eat a whole sleeve of margarita blocks to get the effects. These things are the best! I tweek the amount based on weather heat and humidity make for me sweating more make me need more- but generally it is one tab every 45 min to an hour.


  1. I was always warned against Immodium for dehydration reasons during a race. I really struggle with hydration in any kind of race (and in just daily life) so I avoided it. Also dehydration is a big contributor to bad tummy for me. But then last year you mentioned using it in a 70.3, so I figured I could use it for long runs. It's brilliant!! I definitely notice if I forget to take one before a race or long run!

    Never tried Pamprin. In fact I didn't think they made it anymore. Wonder how it compares to Excedrin (my #1 super drug, also with caffeine). Will have to see if I can find it at the store.

    I started trying salt (usually just the little packets that come with food) last year and it really helps me too!

  2. Can you tell me what kind of "swelling issues" you are referring too?? Whenever I run longer than 4 miles, especially in over 60 degree weather, I feel like I have sausage fingers and have to hold my hands up over my head for several minutes to get the feeling to go away.. repeat throughout run.... is this the same? if it's similar, I'm SOOOO going to try salt tabs! Thanks for posting that!