Friday, May 25, 2012

Season Opener Sprint- Improvement

So my triathlon race plans this year include 2 sprint triathlons and 2 70.3s. The first of the sprint triathlons was Max Performance's Season Opener in Hopkinton. Last year I did 2 races on this course- Season Opener and Title 9. The Season Opener last year equated to me learning A LOT about nutrition- I threw up on the bike. So I had hoped to have a better performance.

The race plan with my coach was to focus on the bike- ride the 10miles like it was a time trial. On Saturday I did a 3 hour ride so my legs were pretty DONE! But that was the goal- tired legs would simulate well for the 70.3 training. Obviously Quassy in June is the goal- THE A! The swim plan was get used to the wet suit feel, and the run plan give it what you have left after a hard ride.

It was Mother's Day and the race was right near my parents house so my Mom and Dad came to see me race. D was great support as always.

Swim-9:14- I wanted to be in the 7-8min swim time. I honestly think my swim was 8min but then I had to run across the beach to get to the timing mats. Btw- why isn't it my actual swim time? Put the timing mat right near the water! Had my usual pre race gel. Water was cold. Started a bit fast. Had a little sight problems just the bouy's were hard to see- and I didn't know if I was supposed to go R or L of the last bouy. So all in all a decent swim. Last year- 9:11- Consistent

T1- 1:55- I tried to catch my breath from the swim and the run to transition. With a couple deep breaths I was able to get my brain screwed on okay get the wet suit off and get everything on for the bike. Last year- 2:07- little better with the wet suit I think

Bike- 38:10- Again my time was off from my goal of 35min buuuut I had 35min for the actual bike stupid running to transition. The bike course for this sprint is pretty challenging. I felt a lot better on it than I have in the past. I rode my road bike since the roads are tough and the racks at the Max Performance race's scare me with my nice new tri bike. I had Heed on the bike and a water bottle just in case. I ate 1/2 a sleeve of blocks. My thought was this would fuel me thru the run and the bike. Last year- 40:43- little faster still not exactly what I had hoped.

T2-1:14- OMG so slow! Need to work this one- get shoes on and grab the rest of the stuff to get it on while running. Last year 1:28- so getting better want to be sub 1min

Run- 29:54- wanted to be sub 30. Made that happen!  I hate the hill out of transition on this run. It is a crusher to your legs. I went out with the focus of just get thru the run its only a 5k. The run course is tough on this sprint. It isn't on road it isn't on trail it is all over. I had met a friend in the Athena division and saw her hot on my tail a turn around so that was a little push to suck it up buttercup. I am pretty happy with the run I was tired. But to be expected since this was just in the middle of training. I had enough left at the end to give it the kick to the finish- woman came up to me after and said she tried her hardest but she couldn't get me at the finish. I heard her there so I knew I wasn't gonna let her by. Last year- 32:13- met my goal and beat last year by a lot :)

All in all the final 1:20:24. Enough to earn me 3rd in the Athena's- only 12 seconds away from 2nd! YAY! Not bad considering I don't train for short distances! I really feel like I have become more of an endurance athlete than the short distance athlete needed for the sprint! Well have another sprint in July we will see how that one goes :)