Friday, October 5, 2012

Athena Continued Struggle

Upon the suggestion of D I thought I would throw this out and see if anyone could help. If anyone has suggestions I am open to testing things out.

I went my PCP last Friday, I haven't been in 2 years. And since I am generally healthy it isn't an issue- though I did get scolded for it! As expected clean bill of health! But I went in with a specific purpose. 2 years ago I tried to talk to my doctor after receiving clean blood work and clean bill of health about my weight struggles. She told me that since my results didn't show anything she didn't have much to offer.

Well fast forward 2 years- I have now finished countless running races, swim races, multiple sprints, olympic distance and 3 half irons! My results continue to improve, which is great news but for some reason my weight stays constant. Tons of training hours, tons of calories burned and lots of watching what I eat isn't amounting to squat. Now I know I use the term weight I mean it in terms of the scale not moving and the fact that I am wearing the EXACT same size I have been for the last probably 3 years.

I am baffled. I went into my doctor to ask her for help on Friday and her response to me was "its muscle not fat" well any of you that have ever seen a picture of me know I am not 6% body fat asking for another 1%. She told me if my blood test showed nothing again I would not be able to go to the endocrinologist, "they won't see you for nothing". So if my blood test shows nothing again her only suggestion was Nutritionist. Well- 3 years ago I went to one of the top sports nutritionists in the country (maybe even the world) and it helped with a lot of things but I didn't see a change in my weight/shape.

I will be going in early next week for my blood test which I am 99.9% sure will show the same thing as always- NOTHING! I am very frustrated. Frustrated that I feel like my PCP didn't even entertain my issues when I told her "I came to you hoping you would help me with this." I am wondering if anyone has any ideas/thoughts/suggestions?!

Right now my plan is:
1. get my blood tests done
2. focus on nutrition
3. take the new herbs my acupuncturist recommended (at least she listens when I say I want to fix this)
5. add in weight training and bikram yoga in hopes of changing things up will kick start things.

I would really appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions. As you all know I train like crazy. I eat a balanced diet. I have been the same size for the last 3 or 4 years. I even have gone so far to take the  ice cream/yogurt treats and pizza after big races out with my training this year!


  1. I'm not sure what to say about something like thyroiditis. I am still learning about it! But I'm starting to think mine is having a serious impact on my weight - I'm not hypo, I'm not gaining, but I haven't lost a pound in three years either.

    I DO have a definite diagnosis - Hashimoto's - because I have nodules on my neck. Did your doc look at your neck at all to see if it is swollen? Do you have any other thyroiditis symptoms? There are TONS, including ocular migraines (which I just learned about, yay). You can have thyroiditis and not be hypo or hyper, and in fact it's best to have a diagnosis before either occurs, as far as I can tell.

    I've also learned that some studies suggest that even a euhyroid (normal) Hashi's patient can benefit from treatment - it can prevent or delay hypothyroidism.

    I need to talk to my endocrinologist about all of this, as I have been feeling sluggish and fuzzy brained more and more this fall.

    Good luck figuring out what your issue is! I hope this comment helps. I feel like it's super rambly but I recommend Mary Shomon's Thyroid Diet Revolution HEARTILY if you think you have a thyroid issue.

  2. Can you switch to PPO insurance so you can pick your own specialists in open season? I would do that, pick an endo and definitely switch PCP. You have completely changed your lifestyle and your body should have changed with it.

  3. Make sure they check your hormones thoroughly. I struggle with my weight and put on 5 lbs during 4 months of ironman training while eating 1700 calories/day (gross, not net). Turns out I probably have insulin resistant PCOS. While it's good to know, it means really serious dietary restrictions and I'm supposed to try to eat 800-1000 calories/day and almost no carbs.

  4. Interesting ideas. Thanks guys! I'll look into that- Megan. Mel- interestingly i don't need a referral for insurance but the endo wants one. Victoria- she mentioned PCOS but b/c I am regular she doesn't think so. is the new diet working?