Thursday, April 11, 2013

Push Just a Bit More

I was in my weekly Bikram Yoga class last night at Bikram Yoga Natick and somewhere in the middle of one of the practice the teacher said something that really made me think. It was something about how the practice teaches you when to push and when you should let go. I have always known my swim, bike, and run training have made my body and mind strong to push through races. I had never really thought of the yoga doing that too. As I went through the rest of class I started to realize I really have learned a lot about when to push my body by listening to my mind in class. The heat is always hot. The same 26 postures every time. I always sweat like crazy. I am learning to listen when my body says go for it on the posture or when my body says take it easy. I think this yoga will be a huge help with my mental training for my next race! I have seen the benefits in many other ways but this was the first time I thought about it as mental training to help with my next hard race day.

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