Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New England Season Opener Race Recap

So last week I wrote a little bit about my getting ready for the first race of the tri season, Tri Season Starts Sunday.  In my post last week I laid out the plan and goals for the race. And now I look back and read last years race recap, Season Opener Sprint, it makes me realize my goals were perfectly in line with my thinking last year after the race. I had a good dinner the night before and got some sleep, woke up at 4am and started running through the race in my head. When I finally rolled out of bed I got some breakfast, the new standard oatmeal w PB and raisins and I warm up a GF bagel to eat on the way.

We got to Hopkinton a little later than usual and didn't get a great parking spot. But I think this all worked out. Gave me less time to stress over setting transition Great suggestion by D. I laid out my transition and it looked so empty. I forget how much less STUFF you need for a sprint. I had cycling shoes, GPS puck, helmet, bike, run shoes, gel, number, and visor. I even had to have my friend Jen check my transition I wasn't missing something it seemed so skinny. I chatted with a few friends and put on my new CAT3 full sleeve wetsuit.

I lined up for the swim and found my friend Stephanie and we walked down together. I had a gel at what I thought would be 15min before the swim. Trying to keep nutrition plans pretty much the same with all races. We got in the water and shockingly I don't know if it was the full sleeve CAT3 or the water temp but I didn't immediately freeze!

Swim- Goal: under 9min (PLEASE!!!)- 8:10- I seeded myself right at the front on the side by the bouys. I knew I just wanted to GO! If I could I would jump on some feet but it was going to be questionable at this race. And just as I thought no feet to be found. I even caught up to the wave in front of us. I was the second woman from my wave out of the water. I call that a good swim. Even with the pouring rain that started and the choppy water from the wind, I didn't have trouble with sighting it was a good one.

T1- Shorter than last year- 1:49- slightly better than last year and I even had a new full sleeve wetsuit to deal with. I was pretty good I got the sleeves off and the top down to my butt before I even hit the transition area. I forgot to clip my helmet luckily D and my friend Meg working transition reminded me- rookie mistake!

Bike- Goal: 16mph 37minish- 37:11- just over 16mph. It was wet and I had to play it safe. I would have taken a bit more chances on some of the hills if it had been dry. The computrainer classes definitely paid off on the climbs.  I was happy I went road bike with the road conditions. Around mile 5 the other Athena I knew in the race BOMBED by me. I tried to hold on. I kept her in my sight for a couple miles but she got me. It was nice to keep passing guys on the bike. I had half a package of clif blocks and made myself drink some HEED on the uphills to prep for Quassy.

T2- Shorter than last year- 1:10- slightly less than last year. Still want to get it under a minute. I need to just put my shoes on grab the rest of the stuff and GO!

Run- Goal: 9min miles 27ish- 27:06- I actually managed to pull off sub 9 minute miles- like 8:40s. I actually felt pretty good. I still hate that first hill out of transition but I kept telling myself to push it. I knew that Athena wasn't much ahead of me. I thought maybe I could catch her on the run. For the first time in my recollection on this course I didn't completely hate every second of the run, I actually felt pretty good. I was passing guys on the run course and even passed a couple females. The sun started to come out as I was running- cue the humidity. I had one more block at like mile 2 just to give me a little boost to the finish.

When I crossed the line that Athena that was in front of me was waiting on me. She thought I was going to catch her. She only ended up finishing 3 min ahead of me. I actually felt really good when I finished. I pushed it but still had a good time. I smiled and thanked volunteers and friends I saw on the course. As always I had an awesome cheering section with the booming voice of D! My parents were there to cheer. I didn't end up blowing up. I pushed it but still was able to enjoy it. I say its a win!

I ended up taking 2nd in Athena. Took  5 min off my overall time from last year for a PR- 1:15:25. I was really happy with the results. And even more happy to see if I had competed in my age group I would have been 6th. Not bad at all!

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