Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gearin Up for Quassy REDEMPTION

This weekend has been deemed Quassy Redemption. Last year I did Quassy, not exactly what I would call a good time. To be honest I went into my season plan with no intention of racing it again. I wanted to go for the much more flat Patriot Half, but it sold out. So I decided it was time to go back and do it better!

As usual with me before a half iron, I have had my FREAK out for the last couple weeks. The OH MY GOD I haven't done enough?! What am I thinking trying to do this race again?! And every other thing possible. In the middle of explaining this to D Monday night he said you need to stop- or you will make something go wrong! So that was it- Time to stop FREAKING and focus on setting myself up for success. So here's the plan:

Monday thru Friday- Bed early 10 at latest no high fiber foods  stick to taper plans start packing
 (I am really trying to stick to the bed time. Packing is coming together and the taper plan)

Friday- Finish pack- get together bike and gear from D house

Saturday- Leave by 1030 at the latest 1pm OWS then light bike followed by racking the bike. Check in get bike checked in. Then off feet in bed EARLY! Swim open 12-2 Bike Rack 2-7 packet pickup 12-7 Pro talk 2:30

Sunday- Tri shorts, tri top bra flip flops up at 4 Transition opens at 5am oatmeal with raisins and pb and bagel to go. Coffee and water/nuun to sip on. Set up transition Wave at 7am- gel at 645
Swim- wetsuit, cap goggles. Stash a gel or 2 in the pocket before start. Dolphin dives off the beach- long smooth strokes try to find some drafting if possible.  Keep an eye on sighting maybe in a weird no man’s land with the waves.  Hit boys on 11:40 and 23:20. GOAL: 35 LY: 36:26

T1- Grab a water in the transition to swish out mouth. Get wetsuit down to but by the time at the top of the exit. Take off the rest when I get to the bike and take off cap and goggles. Helmet shoes GOAL: sub 2 LY: 2:47

Bike- Recover in aero as much as possible. Try to maintain 16mph. Sit up and use a good cadence to get over hills. Salt and blocks every 45-1hr. 2 bottles of heed. Aero bottle- refill with water from aid stations. Goal: 3:30 LY: 3:58

T2- Rack bike, helmet of, shoes off, socks on, shoes on grab visor and number handheld and go. Pack handheld with salt and gels. Goal: 1:30 LY:2:34

Run- Get your legs under you. Know the hills are going to be tough lean into them and carry momentum over. Don’t say Can’t. Make sure to take on at aid stations. Every hour gel, every hour salt. Pace: 10:30-10:40 Goal: 2:20 LY: 2:46

Finish time Goal: 6:30ish LY: 7:26:26

Post race: clothes and recoverite

Other things I am doing to help my mental sanity- trying to get songs in my head to use when I am hitting that block on the bike or in the run. Reading every Quassy race report I can- trying to remind myself of the course the challenges and take in other people's pointers.  I am starting to have the sense of calm- let's hope it stays that way! Wish me luck!
My Friend Jen posted this today- really they had to go with a Snake. I HATE SNAKES!!!

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