Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tufts 10K and Plans for Army Ten Miler

On Monday the ladies from The Boston LUNA Chix got together to run the Tufts 10k. I rode in to the city with Lisa and Cynthia my team mates. It is always nice to have traveling buddies. We got to the common with a little time to spare. Did last minute prep and dropped our bags, since it was a mandatory bag check.

The team and some of the regulars that run with us gathered at the LUNA tent and chatted. I had hoped I would run the 10k in 55-56min. Which is one of my goals for this year. We moved toward the start line and Danielle, another team mate, and I pushed toward the 8 minute mile area. I had hoped to keep it on the high end of 8 minute miles but sub 9s. I was shocked how few women had put themselves up in the 7-9 minute mile area. Which I had hoped would equate to me having some space to run.

The gun went off and I was quickly over the start mat. Danielle was gone from view fairly quickly. I knew she would run lower 8s than I had planned on. I hit the first couple miles and felt good. Okay- keep it up. Just push. See what you can do. I was shocked how few women were in front of me. I saw the lead pro women with their 5 minute miles- CRAZY fast! I hit the turn around and miles 4 and 5 took a little dip. But seeing my team mates as we looped back on ourselves was a good boost. I figured when I hit 5 it was time to dig in and see what I had left for mile 6.

I pushed it and thought lets just see. I crossed the finish and looked at my watch- woah! Then I got the text message of my official time 51:40. HOLY MOLEY! I killed the 55-56 I wanted to run. I actually maintained a 8:19 average pace. I had forgotten I had signed D up to get the text too and my phone rang. He was so excited for me. Danielle was shocked to see me when I returned to the LUNA tent and there was high fives and dancing! HAHA. I was so shocked and excited! The team went to a fundraiser and had some lunch it was a great day!

The race made me realize I am still learning a lot about my pace. What is my pace what I can do when I push. And really what is my max speed. It made me look to see what I could possibly attempt for the Army Ten Miler this weekend. I had hoped to go just under 1:30 before this result. Figuring that would be great after my 1:39 last year- and be a 9 minute mile average. When I plugged the 10k time in the pace predictor I was shocked it suggested a 1:25. Okay new goal 1:25-1:30. Hoping to be closer to 1:25 for the Army Ten Miler. Race day is Sunday so let's see what these legs have!

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