Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cold Weather Running- My Rules of Thumb

With everyone doing their SPONSORED Holiday Running blogs I thought I'd add a non- sponsored version. Last night a friend and I were talking about how many layers to wear for a cold weather run. Now I am someone that gets warm. We have dipped into the 20s so far this year. Not super cold but cold. Some of my cold weather staples are:

Fleece Lined Gloves
Light acrylic "toss" gloves. The ones they sell for 99 cents at the pharmacy.
Mittens - I find gloves leave my finger tips really cold.
Ear Band
Cold Weather Base Layer
Light Run Jacket
Fleece Lined Jacket
Full Length Tights
Fleece Lined Tights

When it is in the 30s- I'll opt for tights or capris and light running jacket. Sometimes my toss gloves, since my hands get cold.

When it is in the 20s- I'll opt for tights. A base layer and light running jacket. Usually go with a hat or ear band. Either Fleece Lined Gloves or my mittens.

When it is sub 20- I'll opt for the lined tights. A base layer and fleece lined jacket. Hat and mittens.

Sometimes I'll throw on a running scarf to give me another warm layer if the wind is whipping.

I am thinking it is time to invest in some smart wool running socks. My regular run socks leave my toes cold for the first 30 min or so.

I don't know if I heard this somewhere or made it up- but I always dress for 10 degrees warmer than it really is outside. That way I am cold when I start but okay when I am warmed up and running.

Of course, all of this changes with precipitation and then depending on distance too. But these are some of my general Cold Weather Running ideas.

It was in the 20s and windy this day- mittens, hat, tights, cold gear and light jacket and SCARF :)

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  1. Sweet baby Jesus thank you for a non sponsored post! I've pretty much given up blog reading lately due to the insane increase in Christmas "my fav sponsored things" insanity! At least we buy our favorites.... :-)