Friday, December 20, 2013

My Morning Routine

So I am far from a Morning Person. Actually if I could stroll into work around 11 and work my 8 hours I'd be happy. But I try to get things done in the morning to help me survive. Lately life is really hectic. I am coaching swimming at night so I don't get much time to do the little things. Workouts need to be squeezed in. And add in the Holiday rush- URGH! So here is my morning to get me through these crazy times.

I get up after hitting snooze probably a DOZEN times! I set 2 alarms and still hit snooze. Did I mention I am not a Morning Person

When I finally get out of bed I walk into the kitchen and turn on my tea kettle. Get coffee going in my coffee maker. When the water is warm in the tea kettle I get a mug of water and some lemon.

That goes on the sink and I hop in the shower. When I am out of the shower the lemon water is at a temp I can drink. While I finish up my post shower face toner and moisturize.  Its so dry here in the winter I am using coconut oil on my skin and even throwing a little in my hair to help it stay healthy.

While I get dressed sometimes I'll finish laundry or pick up the house. I'll figure out what leftovers are going into work with me for lunch. I make a seltzer in my Soda Stream for the day. Make sure work out clothes are packed. Since I am trying to make it to the gym at lunch or when the weather is decent get outside for a run.

I pour my coffee into my travel mug and the left overs go into the mug after I finish my water to sip on while I do my make up. When I am dressed I will start making my breakfast. Generally its something I can have in the car. Egg white with spinach and cheese sandwich or a smoothie. This way I am getting in protein and some veggies and/or fruit. I have found without protein in the morning I am ravenous!

I take my multi vitamin, probiotic and lately some vitamin D. Do my hair. Throw my lunch and my breakfast in my bag. Throw my TYR workout bag on my back and head out the door, I sip on coffee and my smoothie on my ride or eat my sandwich.

This is how I am getting through the craziness in the morning this time of year! How do you manage?

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