Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bikram and Triathlon Complimentry

So I have written on here before about Bikram- 90 min 26 postures in a room that is what some would consider surface of the sun, I like to go with tropical. 105 degrees and 40% humidity. I really try to make sure in the winter I get in there. It is hard in my heavy training months to get in for 90 minutes so when I am not 100% focused on swim bike run I try to get in more Bikram.

Last winter I tried to do the same. Then my first A race of the season happen to be on the hottest day we had thus far last summer, Quassy, it was 90. The thought of suffering through racing 6+ hours in that heat would make most people crawl away (not to mention the course but that's another story). This winter as I take Bikram classes I sometimes find myself mid class meditation thinking about that hot day at Quassy. And I know on that hot day at Quassy I thought about my Bikram classes.

The breathe to get through it I have learned from Bikram has served me well in many applications, especially HOT race days. And I often find myself thinking well 90 min is nothing compared to the hours I spend on a 70.3 race course. I can remember the days when that 90 min felt like an eternity.

I think the Bikram has not only stretched my body and helped me heal a lot of my injuries over the years, but it has taught me how to deal with uncomfortable situations, and breathe my way through them. You are going to be hot and sweaty and uncomfortable the whole 90 min in there. But if you can turn off your brain and just breathe you will find a whole new world. I often find long training days and race days I have to turn off my brain and just breathe. I know that race days will be uncomfortable but if I just breathe and try to turn of my brain I'll get through. So I am not sure which one is helping the other more but I can sure tell you they are really complimenting each other!

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