Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Been a while....LOOOOONG WINTER!

So its been a while... I honestly think I needed a little break. I trained. I raced a bit. In February I ran Hyannis Half Marathon, not one of the races I enjoy. But my run team had to be there to volunteer so I didn't want to just drive down and head home. I decided I would run with a team mate and help her through her second half marathon. I have to say running and coaching her along- though my muscles were super sore the next day- was one of the most rewarding things I have done in a while. I really enjoyed helping someone else have a good race.

In March I decided to set some goals to keep myself going. We had a rough winter up here and I needed something! I wanted to keep up my cardio, up the lifting, get into yoga, get myself off my candy kick and eat better. I downloaded an e-book It was full of some good tips, recipes and the thing I took most from it was the lifting routines. I needed something new. I had been using what my personal trainer gave me 5 years ago. They were a great mix of cardio and lifting. Really helped get me back in the gym with a focus.

I was pretty good at getting the lift 2-3 days a week for March. I got in yoga most weeks. And I cut out the candy successfully. It has gotten me to the start of training for tri season with a bit more focus. I did my winter computrainer classes and as always the hard work paid off.

This past weekend was the kick off to tri season here- The Multisport Expo. Got to see all the friends and the race directors. Had a great time! I was sick with a fever/cold last week so it gave me that kick in the pants to get going. We even came home and hit the bikes in the gym for an hour and 15. Sunday was cold and rainy again so I had to hit the treadmill. I am hoping that was the last of it.

Yesterday finally brought spring warm temps. I got out for a 4 mile run! It felt like I could run forever. I think my mojo is coming back. I had a 5k PR in March 25:59. I cut 6 min off the course from the last time I ran in 2012 it running with Alex at Hyannis 2:11.22. I am ready to start talking season plans. Start figuring out some goals. And even mark complete on some of the goals from last year.... Here we go! Bring it on!

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