Sunday, November 16, 2014

2014 Season Break

Part of what I looked forward to while running my first marathon was the thought of 2 weeks with no training. It had been a long season. I spent the winter working hard on my cycling like I do every winter in computrainer classes. I wanted to work on my running but it didn't do much of that. I was coach-less going into this season. In April I flew to LUNA summit and met with my friend and now coach Terra. We kicked the training into high gear and she pushed me to set goals I never thought possible. I went into Patriot with a sub 6 goal and did it. I went into Timberman with the goal of beating my times of the past years- though I wasn't sub 6 I was faster! And I ran my first marathon!

I had 2 weeks in my training plan that said things like enjoy your social life, take naps. We spent a week after the marathon in DC relaxing with my family, napping and enjoying a week off from work. I even ate cupcakes for breakfast one day! haha I took this relax do nothing to heart. Though I did already start thinking what am I going to do next season.

When we got back home returned to work and got settled back into life. I am not going to lie it was nice to go to work, get groceries, come home and not have to rush to the gym. Going into the race I was as close to burnt out as you can get. I needed 2 weeks to have my life and realize that I like training. It was nice. I have not had that much time off from training since I had my hip surgery.

I started to feel a bit lost. Training and racing is a lot of what I do with my time. Most of my friends are training partners and race also. Though I did reconnect with my old roommate which I have been wanting to do for 3 years! As I get back into training my plan is to try to keep up my running fitness I built with marathon training. I am going to try trail running to try to find the passion in running again.   This week was my first week back to training and I did 2 of my 3 runs on trails I discovered close to my house. I am working on  my core and weight training. And as usual keep up the spin fitness. Now the break is over and it is time to get back to training and planning for next year!

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