Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Training Camp Week 1

Work has been nuts for a few months. I was working overtime and doing everything I could to get our stuff in by deadlines. In the mean time I was trying to think about my coming season but I hadn't gotten very far in making decisions. My desire to train was low. I think knowing I can get through a 70.3 with little to no training is something that has come after doing 7 of them. I didn't have any thoughts as to what I wanted to do with this coming season.

I had my first computrainer class of the winter a couple weeks ago. Nothing like an hour and a half on the trainer next to a friend who is gearing up for her first full ironman to make you realize it is time to figure out your plans for the season. In addition to the friend gearing  up for an ironman other people in the class were saying how great my season was from following it on social media. Made me realize I really did have a good season. I started realizing it was time to figure out my 2015. The focus this year is going to be get faster!

My boss was telling me I had to use my time off before I lost it at the end of the year- while also asking me to take care of things (two statements that do not go together). So I decided FINE I am taking the next week and a half. D headed to visit his family for Christmas and I was only coaching and had some time. I told my coach lets get a training camp going. Lots of training trying some classes etc.

Monday- Run and Swim 3k
Tuesday- Ride
Wednesday- Run and Swim
Thursday- Run and Ride
Friday- Run Ride and Swim 3.5k
Saturday- Ride 2hrs
Sunday- Long Run 10mi

Monday I got both workouts done and Tuesday's ride. Wednesday I swam in the practice with the team I coach and then went for a soggy run. Thursday I was home and able to get out for a few miles with my dad and their dog. Sadly the gym was closed so no ride. Friday was kill Juls day. I did the run with my dad and their dog again then headed to practice. Did my coaching then went home to ride and swim. As I finished up the ride I was getting a stuffy nose.

Friday  night my nose got all stuffy and I had to take some cold meds. But I signed up for a spin class at 7:30 to do an hour then hit the gym for an hour. The silly spin class sign up gave me the wrong time for class and I did 2 hours in the gym. I headed to family christmas.

Something happen at family Christmas and I ended up heading home with a slightly swollen eye. Something that seems to happen when I have an allergic reaction. My eye got worse and worse all night and I woke up and I couldn't see. Damn! No long run! Gonna try tomorrow!

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