Monday, February 2, 2015

Want to Improve Your Swim

I really get sick of hearing everyone during the season complaining about their swim times. To be honest after being a swimmer since age 6 I am lucky enough not to have to spend much time in the pool training. I get to focus my energy on running and biking. To have gains in swimming at this point I would have to put in a TON of training for the gains of only a few minutes at most in a 5-6 hour race. I am better off spending time to gain 30 minutes or more on the bike or run through some hard core training. It would be so much easier for me and in my comfort zone to work my swimming for hours every day. Growing up I would swim for an hour or 2 before school and an hour of dryland after school with a 2 to 3 hour practice in the pool after that. So that is where I am comfortable. But we all know no gains come from staying in your comfort zone.

So if you want to improve your swim, you have to get out of that comfort zone. I know swimming is not the comfort zone for MANY triathletes. I know I am the slim minority that loves the swim. In the winter I am a head coach for a high school swim team so I am very used to providing swimmers feedback to improve strokes and even the little things to get gains. I have to say triathletes are a tough group. They don't often go out and ask for help in general. I am learning to do that with my own work in cycling and running, I have a coach and go to weekend hill climb classes to work my weaknesses.

The time is now if you want to see changes in your swim times this coming season. You need to find a master's team with a coach who is willing to provide feedback. Or find a friend who knows swimming and can help. Sign up for clinics. Spend some time working the pool. Maybe video yourself and ask a friend or coach to provide feedback. Don't stay in your comfort zone of riding the trainer and running, hit the pool. I know it is cold when you walk out and your hair freezes but when your swim time drops dramatically this season you will be thankful for that time you commit now.

I am happy to help friends and they are always asking but not many have ever materialized.... keep me posted if I can help in anyway!!

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  1. Was I one of the voices inspiring this post? After MV20 (2/14) I will focus on all three sports - specifically the swim that I have been neglecting - we need to find time to get together!!