Thursday, June 14, 2012

Recovery and Ramp Back Up

Following Rev3 Quassy I have spent the last almost 2 weeks in recovery. Its strange! I am not used to having no heavy workout on the schedule. A lot of swims and a lot of biking last week. Yesterday was my first run back. I went out and ran with Boston Luna Chix. I felt super sluggish. My legs felt like I was running thru mud. I did 4mi in 42min- which isn't a super slow pace but no land speed record. My heart rate was thru the roof. I couldn't run in a zone 2 if I needed too. Even though I wasn't feeling great it was really nice for my first run back to be with a supportive group of ladies. They were all full of congratulations on finishing my race which somehow made the run not soooooo bad.

Next week I ramp back up. This weekend I am going to do a 1mi swim open water just a small local event. I want to get more swim races in. You just can't simulate the open water swim of a triathlon in the pool. Sunday is going to be a fun ride I think I am goin to try to get D to join. I have Timberman in August and it is time to ramp back up! The goal for Timberman sub 7 hours! Time to train for it starts Monday!!!

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