Monday, February 25, 2013

Competitive Swimming Again

At states a week ago some of the other coaches asked me to be on a relay with them at a Master's Swim Meet. Sounded like fun but I wasn't sure how it would all pan out. Mid week I got the info and the time worked with my computrainer class so I was in. For 30 bucks you register swim as many events as you want. Okay I'm game! It has been a long time since I have done a meet. Well probably since my last one my Sophomore year of college! Wow that was a long time ago.

I decided to enter myself in the Medley Relay with my other coaches, 200 free because I hate it, 100 back, 50 free and 100 free since they used to be my events and we added the free relay for fun. I went to my computrainer class in the morning, which I had missed 3 weeks thanks to swim meets and the snow, to have a 2 hour ride of hills. OH NO this isn't good. Made sure to eat and rest up for swimming later.

Got to the meet warm ups were the usual craziness. Too many people in the 6 lanes but that's the life. The 200 Relay went well we came in 2nd. Then the 200 free was the next event. I climbed up on the block and my legs started shaking. I think part of it was nerves swimming a race all by myself again. And the other part was my legs were TOAST and standing on that slanted tall block was not helping! I managed to do pretty well with the screaming of my other coaches on the side of the pool deck. I won my age group. The 100 back was next and I was starting to get pretty tired from the back to back races. But managed to pull out a 2nd in my age group.

I got a nice break until my 50 free. 50 free used to be my specialty. But at this meet I was quickly realizing that I don't do short distance speed work anymore. I am focused on longer distance swimming now. My 50 free wasn't bad. I even manged to keep myself to only 4 breaths for the whole 50 even after everything else that day I was okay with it. I pulled out 1st in my age group.

The 100 free was the demise of my legs.  I stood around and talked with other swimmers. It was great to be in that environment again. I dove in on the 100 stayed right with everyone to the 50 then hit the wall to turn and my legs just seized right up. Gave me that uh no we are done. we gave you enough. Even so I pulled out a 1st place. The free relay was a nice little icing on the cake. And we even took 1st.

It was really fun to be around a meet again. I forgot the excitement of the short races. I'd love to do another. Maybe next time I can get D out of the bleachers and into the races! He has started calling me Mark Spitz thanks to my 6 medals hahaaha

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