Thursday, February 21, 2013

Help me out with Goals for 2013- 3-0?!

I have been mulling over some goals for 2013. I am not a huge fan of resolutions- goals work better for me. This year is big for me.... I am going to be turning 30! YIKES! I really want to work on some things over the next year. Over the last couple month's I have been working on building my goals list for this year. It still needs a bit more beefing up- I could use some help and suggestions so please comment. What were some of the things you wanted to achieve before a big birthday?

 This is what I have so far....

1.       Eat Clean (mostly)

2.       Continue Workout Routine and Racing

3.       Figure out this weight management issue- Goal weight 165

4.       Continue Acupuncture

5.       Work to Achieving Personal Happiness

6.       Work on Self confidence

7.       Work on my relationships-i.e. w my parents,  with my brother. Spend more time with them.

8.       Try 1 thing new each month

9.       Over 2000 miles

10.   Goal 5k- 25 something

11.   Goal 10k- 56 something

12.   Goal Half Marathon- 2-2:15

13.   Goal  Half Iron- 6 hours

14.   Do 1day/week during season of yoga

15.   Do 1 day/week during season of strength

16.   Run a marathon

17.   Do Timberman and Quassy

18.   Travel somewhere warm

19.   Travel somewhere new- i.e. Lake Placid

20.   Visit Tara and  work on spending more time video chatting with her

21.   Cut Expenses and Save Money

22.   Pay down debt or pay off if possible

23.   Spend time with friends

24.   Have A Spa Day

25.   Organize bills and documents

26.   Get spare room under control

27.   Figure out finishing my Master’s

28.   New Car

29.   Condo

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  1. You should add a full Ironman to that list. Or a least deciding on which one to do in 2014. You have to sign up a year ahead for most IM brand fulls. This would be mutually exclusive of #21 & #22. Probably #7 & #23 once training begins in earnest - 6 months from raceday. But doing this would help with #6 & #16. :)